Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wartime chocolate cake

Hi everyone,

Well today we decided to do a little baking. I chose a wartime recipe for chocolate cake. It was quite an unusual recipe with no eggs...

But it turned out lovely...

The top cracked but that's ok because it will have melted Cadburys chocolate on it. We also made some little cakes for Daisy to ice and decorate tomorrow. 

Continuing with my challenge, today I made toad in the hole...


One of Daisy's favourites!

Tomorrow is pork chops...

Mandy x


  1. Toad in the hole looks great, I can not make it the batter turns out like cardboard. I had a oven that seemed to leak heat but now have a new stove and still can not do it nor yorkshire pud.

    1. Hi Phyllis, that's a shame! I'm no expert but toad in the hole seems to work for me. Have a lovely day, Mandy x