Sunday, 3 July 2016

A holiday works wonders!

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the lack of posts but I've been concentrating on my little family :)
Yesterday we travelled back from the Isle of Wight, a wonderful first holiday for Henry and Daisy's first caravan holiday (she's only stayed in holiday cottages).

There will be some holiday photos and stories to share once I've caught up with the laundry! 

Our holiday wasn't particularly thrifty but we planned for that. Now we're back and feeling refreshed and motivated. There's lots to do here and some exciting plans ahead. I will be testing out new routines to make life easier and freeing up time for hobbies. While away, I knitted everyday and watched the tennis! It made me realise that I should make time for crafts. I love baking but don't make enough time for it anymore. I need to get back to my old ways and now feel I can. I have loads of lovely new recipes to try. 

I have lots of things to plan for too...Henry's first birthday is fast approaching and Daisy will need entertaining throughout the summer holidays. Ideas need organising!

I'm excited for the future and excited to start blogging again. I will have recipes and meal plans to share and hopefully crafty projects. 

Finally, thank you so much for your comments. I really do appreciate them.

Mandy x

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  1. Hi Mandy,
    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and plenty of relaxation.
    Its 3 weeks to our last minute holiday that we booked a fortnight ago. OH's Next shares were dropping in price so he cashed them in and booked a weeks holiday to Tenerife for us 2 and the 2 grandsons (Amy is going away for a girls week to Ibiza on her friends hen do a couple of weeks later).
    Luckily we have had no need to buy anything as we had loads of clothes that hadnt been worn since last years holiday (shorts & vests etc - no good here with the weather we have had).
    We are All Inclusive so not much spending money needed, except for anything we want to bring back. We wont be visiting water parks etc as the boys are still too small for a lot of the waterslides at most parks and they werent that bothered about the one we went to last year (cost to go was about £120 for us all and then a bottle of water in there was nearly £3 and a meal £5) absolutely ridiculous prices and the boys are happy around the pool anyway. Plus there is unlimited ice creams and snacks so they will be happy.
    We break up from school in 2 weeks so i too will be on holiday for 7 weeks. We then have our 5 days in Scarborough to look forward to (me Amy and the boys). Unfortunately we will need spending money for this one so we are still saving as much money as we can. I have managed to not buy anything at all last week except for a loaf of bread every other day.
    Todays roast dinner was all from the freezer foods with some freshly made yorkshire puds. I have made a pizza from scratch for supper to use up some going soft tomatoes and wrinkly mushrooms so another no spend day.
    I am looking forward to your meal plans and money saving tips, as i will still need to be as frugal as possible.
    take care jane xxx