Sunday, 31 July 2016

A lovely Sunday

Hi everyone 

Well today has been lovely! The sun has been shining and we've had some fresh air with a Sunday afternoon walk.

A Sunday roast...belly pork joint, roasties, cauliflower cheese, carrots, broccoli, gravy and some gorgeous homegrown peas and runner beans! Daisy's vegetables taste so nice :)

I made a trifle for pudding. Daisy is happy with just custard on hers and no cream as I can't find lacto free double cream. She never complains and I try so hard to include her as much as possible. I used Madeira cake soaked in strawberry jelly. It was yummy!..

I have a huge amount of things to go out for a charity collection in the morning...

It feels good to be clearing some space!

There's still more to do but I'm getting there. 

Mandy x 

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