Saturday, 5 February 2011

I'm back again!

I've been so busy since my birthday. To be honest, I have just been too tired to blog in the evenings. I have not been sleeping very well lately, which is really annoying, and you never seem to catch-up on lost sleep do you?

Since my last post, I had my birthday. I was spoilt rotten by my family and friends! My husband bought me a gorgeous rotary watch, Ashley gave me a silver bangle, Charlotte gave me a pair of diamond earrings, a leather purse, and some lovely bracelets. Alice bought me a book on crocheting, some wool and a hook. I am very happy and very lucky.

Since my birthday I have been busy with work and trying to declutter my house. I plan to start putting bits on ebay next week. My largest addiction to hoarding is books. I have far too many and especially keep on buying cook books. I have never had much luck selling books on ebay though. I think I will probably try car booting them in the spring. I will post my success in selling my junk as soon as it happens.

I have a busy week ahead again, but will post up some birthday photos during half-term week.

Bye for now

Mandy x

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