Sunday, 20 February 2011

I'm poorly!!!

Fed up of things not going according to plan...

Why is it that when you make plans ahead, something always crops up to spoil them?
I broke up for half term on Friday afternoon, but have achieved hardly anything so far because I feel so bad. Surrounded by snotty noses for the last week - I knew I would catch a cold just in time for my week off work. I actually had a sore throat from last Wednesday and now I am sat in bed feeling like poo!

Yesterday I did an hour of ironing and loaded the washing machine - that was pretty much it!!! Alice cooked tea (again) and it was really nice (what I could taste) - minced beef and onion pie (in my new enamel pie dish), mash, carrots, broccoli and gravy. THANK YOU ALICE xxx

I am going to get up now and tackle that ironing pile/mountain again and begin photographing and listing my 'stuff' on ebay. Motivation is nil cos I just feel like doing nothing :-(

Mandy x

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