Thursday, 23 May 2013

Frugal tea-time... homemade fish pie

Hi everyone,

I've decided to write about my frugal meals and cooking. I don't seem to be getting many page views now, or comments, or followers :(
I suppose my posts are too boring and I talk about my life with Daisy too much for a thrifty blog, but this is me right now!

I am trying to move away from baby jars for Daisy, so have to put more thought into what we are having for tea each day. I need to be able to adapt it to suit a lactose intolerant 8 month old.

Last night we had fish pie. I always think a pie should have a pastry lid, but with fish? No thanks... I had this as child (made with tuna) and it made me feel sick! My fish pie has a potato lid. I thought I would share my recipe (if anyone out there is interested).

Fish Pie

pack of 4 frozen pollack blocks
pack of instant parsley sauce
frozen peas
half a small tub single cream
small bag of potatoes
knob of butter
black pepper
sprinkle of parsley

  1. Poach fish in water for 15 mins from frozen (that's what it said on the packet).
  2. Meanwhile, peel, chop and boil spuds.
  3. Remove fish from pan and flake into serving dish.
  4. Boil kettle and make up parsley sauce mix. Add to fish with most of the cream.
  5. Cook peas and add to fish.
  6. Drain and mash spuds with butter and remaining cream. Season.
  7. Pile on top of fish and spread with a fork. Sprinkle on parsley.
  8. Pop in the oven for 20 mins at 200 oC.
You could add grated cheese to the mash, but I didn't and it was lovely! This was a cheap and easy meal which made plenty for three adults and the baba.

I hope someone will take an interest!!!

Mandy x

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