Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Thrifty reading

Hi everyone,

Just lately I've got back into reading in the evening. Daisy has a story and bottle, then in her cot by 7.30. I then sit on my bed and read while she sleeps. She will wake for a late feed and gets frightened if she can't see one of us, so I stay with her.

I have to have a book that I can get straight into, or I will lose interest fast. One set of books that I love are the Nella Last diaries. I read them all before, but decided to revisit them for an easy read that I could dip in and out of. I finished the first book last night and started the second. I whizz through these books as I'm interested!

So why are these thrifty?
I bought all three books second hand and paid very little for them and I'm reading them again. I have a massive pile of fiction books that I've had for years. They haven't been read before because I haven't made the time to read. This pile of books is thrifty reading because I don't need to buy any books for a long time now and it is free entertainment.

When I have read a book, if I really enjoyed it - I will keep it to read again at a later date and if it wasn't anything special - I will sell it on in at a carboot sale or donate it to a charity shop.

I'm looking forward to the next book this evening...

Mandy x

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