Tuesday, 28 May 2013

They're all grown up now!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday my youngest daughter turned 18!

So now I don't have any 'children' left... they are all adults. That makes me feel old... but the youngest also produced our first grandchild, so I really am old!!!

The birthday girl visited us (and her baby) for about half an hour before heading back to her friends. We quickly passed her cards and presents, lit and blew out birthday cake candles, sang 'Happy Birthday' and ate a slice of chocolate cake. Not a 'normal' kind of birthday, very rushed, but it's what makes her happy... we are far too boring for her :((

Sorry, no frugal recipe today. I've got a huge amount of housework to do (after a busy weekend), so I'll try harder tomorrow.

Hope the weather's better where you are (it's pouring with rain here).

Mandy x

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