Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'm becoming motivated!...Here's part 1 of my audit - the cupboards.

Hi everyone!

Just recently I have completely lacked motivation to do anything. Obviously I have fed my family and cared for Daisy-May as well as I always do, but the house is a mess and I'm getting by just doing what I have to. Daisy has been teething and normally she is fine, but the last two teeth have caused her a lot of distress and sleepless nights. She has eight teeth now and I think there may be more on the way. She wakes every two hours throughout the night and then wants to be fed. We are all tired and struggling to function. She is grumpy in the day and just wants me to spend time with her playing. This would be lovely, but the jobs still need doing. She will only have three twenty minute sleeps during the day unless I cuddle her to sleep - then she will easily sleep for an hour at a time.

I have just managed to audit my cupboards so far, and hope to do the two fridges and freezers by the end of the day.

My Approved Food order arrived yesterday. I had a saving of £71.50!!! I basically use AF to buy treats that we wouldn't normally buy in the supermarket, cooking sauces to give me a back-up if I have a bad day and can't cook from scratch, anything that we normally buy but is well discounted and cake and bread mixes so I can batch bake while saving money on ingredients. We are not a family that enjoys processed food, but it's all about saving money now where we can (Daisy only has fresh ingredients and quite often I cook separately for her).

This bit is boring so you can skip it, but I need to record on my blog to keep me motivated!

Store Cupboard Audit


3 x onion bhjai mixes
5 x mugshots
7 x simmer soups
1 x beef in ale mix
1 x parsley sauce mix
3 x dumpling mixes
1 x box of suet
4 x stuffing
2 x chicken noodles
2 x instant potato
3 x savoury chinese rice
12 x sachets of carrot and coriander cup-a-soups
5 x cartons of pasatta
1 x bag polenta
1 x bag rice
8 x boil-in-the-bag rice
1 x bag pasta quills
1 x lasagne sheets
2 x spaghetti


8 x beans
4 x soup
2 x spaghetti
1 x spaghetti and sausages
2 x ravioli
4 x beans and sausages
3 x chopped tomatoes
3 x plum tomatoes
3 x sweetcorn
1 x chicken in white sauce
1 x minced beef


2 x stout and mushroom sauce
2 x chicken chasseur sauce
2 x hoi sin sauce
1 x tomato and sweet chilli sauce


1 x lemon madeira cake
1 x angel cake
2 x walnut cake
1 x malt loaf
chocolate bars


1 x cheesecake mix
2 x sponge cake mixes
1 x lemon meringue pie mix
24 trifle sponges
3 x blancmange sachets
2 x dream topping
3 x instant custard
1 x large bag instant custard mix
1 x tub custard powder
1 x box semolina
1 x box ground rice
6 x chocolate rice pudding
2 x strawberry dessert
1 x chocolate dessert
2 x packs of shortbread fingers


3 x hovis granary mix
22 x yeast sachets
1 x bread flour
6 x self-raising flour
2 x plain flour
4 x caster sugar
3 x soft brown sugar
2 x icing sugar
4 x tubs of cocoa
1 x bicarb
1 x baking powder
1 x camp coffee
1 x bag mixed fruit
1 x marshmallows
2 x peanuts
3 x jelly tots
3 x orange and lemon slices
1 x choc chips
3 x dark choc
3 x milk choc
2 x white choc
1 x 3kg bag choc drops
4 x choc chip cookie mixes
1 x oat biscuit mix
8 x madeira cake mixes
3 x triple choc muffin kits
2 x fairy cake mixes
1 x cadburys choc brownie mix


There are various sauces and condiments open.
There are herbs and spices open.
There are oils and vinegars open.
There are gravy granules and stock cubes.
2 x UHT milk cartons
We have enough tea, coffee, water, squash.
We have enough cereal for breakfast.
1 x dozen eggs plus what our own hens lay.
We have spreads like jam, lemon curd, marmite, syrup, honey, marmalade.
We have pickled onions and beetroot.

I just have the fridges and freezers to check.

Breakfasts will be cereal, toast or eggs.
Lovely husband and daughter take a packed lunch of sandwiches, crisps, cake and fruit.
Daisy has a cooked lunch and I have a sandwich and cake or a tin of something.

I will erase what we have used and record what evening meals we have eaten.
Yesterday we had pork chops (Charlotte had sausaqges), baby baked potatoes, carrots and broccoli, stuffing and gravy. None of this meal came out of the audit here.

I have a lot of food, but it needs to last as long as possible!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with my fresh and frozen audits.

Forgot to say - yesterday I planted out my living lettuces (40p yellow sticker) and some coriander seeds on the windowsill.

Thanks for reading

Mandy x

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  1. I didn't find the list boring atall - I'm a nosy blighter and always love to see what's in people's stocks! We use AF for the exact same purpose too - the Mister always looks forward to the times I do an order as he knows there's going to be sweets and treats that otherwise we don't have the rest of the time. It's always handy to have sauces and mixes in the cupboard too.

    I sympathise with the teething.:( It's no fun having a grumpy baby during the day and a sore, overtired, restless baby during the day. When Little Miss was little the only time she would stop screaming was when she was being cuddled or we were actively playing with her.... like you say, that would be grand if it weren't for the fact that there are a 101 things to do too! Hopefully a big batch of teeth will come through at once and then that can be it all over for a good while. Sx