Friday, 7 June 2013

The decluttering continues... the fabric stash

Hi everyone!

Well I've been so busy spending time with and caring for my beautiful baby grandaughter, that I haven't found time to blog.

I do have a little decluttering update to record:

50.  a large carrier bag of fabric scraps.

Yay!!! I have made it to 50!

When I no longer have a use for any textiles - clothes, towels, tea-towels, curtains (anything fabric), I reuse or recycle them like this:

  • towels are cut up to make dog towels
  • tea-towels make rags for cleaning
  • curtains and bedding etc will be reused to make new items (I recently made two dog beds out of old duvets and duvet covers
  • clothes are either sold on ebay or carbooting, or cut up to make patchwork.
  • buttons are removed to be used for repairs or for craft projects
  • ribbon, bows or ties are saved for crafting/homemade gifts
I have a habit of not throwing anything away because it may come in handy some day. My house was full of stuff that wasn't coming in handy! Slowly I am working my way through each area of the house, parting with stuff, and it feels good!

So, the fabric is still there (now cut up, colour categorised and ready to be used), but a lot less of it. Some bits I had kept were too small to do anything with, so they've gone now and it all looks neat and tidy.

Does anyone else recycle their fabric like this, or is it just me?

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy, I try to be as careful as I can, I hate waste. I save all my old towels (for the dog too!) and cut all buttons off old clothes. I recently made a handbag out of two old work jackets... here is my blog post about it...

  2. I too keep everything "just in case". I really need to start to de-clutter!