Thursday, 27 June 2013

Welcome to my new followers and a big THANK YOU for reading!

Hi everyone!!!

I have been writing my little old blog for a while now, with a few followers, a few readers and the odd comment here and there.

Since the lovely Froogs put a link on her blog post yesterday, I have more followers, I have a lot more readers and I had comments from lovely people.

I am also extremely happy that Foster Mummy is following me! Foster Mummy I read your blog everyday.

I am off to look at my new followers' blogs too.

I am feeling pretty low at the moment and this has been a huge boost to me as I turned on my laptop this morning. I can now begin my day on a positive note - THANK YOU xxx

I've talked about lacking motivation - well now I am motivated to write because someone is interested and is reading.



Mandy xxx


  1. Hi Mandy. Another one here from Froogs blog :-)
    I'll definately be reading. You have similar hobbies to me too.
    I might just get around to creating my own blog one day :-)

  2. Hi Mandy, I am from Froogs blog aswell. Always love learning new recipes etc. Debbie x

  3. Hi Mandy, just to say I have left you a comment on Wednesdays blog by mistake - sorry it was still early in a morning. I didn't discover you until Thursday after FQ posted a link, hope you get my message,
    Jane - West Yorkshire

  4. What a lovely blog always love learning new things or different way of doing things xx