Friday, 28 June 2013

My 100th post...reply to lovely comments.

Hi everyone!

This post is number 100 and because of the wonderful Frugal Queen, there are readers now! I am so grateful to her because it has inspired me to write more and think about my money saving ways. I hope to be able to share with you what I have learnt so far and how I save money where possible. My blog posts will need a bit of planning first now!

I have had quite a few comments over the past couple of days and I thought it would be easier to reply to them all in one go (while Daisy is having a nap) in a post.

  • Rainbowchild - I have been saving things just-in-case too for far too long! If I had somewhere to store it all out of the way, then I would continue, but our house is full of baby stuff so it had to happen. Old habits are hard to break though.
  • Sunnybec - I will have a look at your blog and the post on your handmade handbag. Thank you for sharing that with me.
  • lifeathollycottage - Thank you Nikki!
  • Tania @ Out Back - Thank you! Good luck to you too x
  • Taaleedee - Glad you enjoyed reading. I recognise you from comments on Shirley's blog! There are some really good grandma's out there.
  • Anonymous - You did a great thing too for your family. Thank you for your kind words x
  • Welsh Poppy - Thank you for your kind words x I hope you can learn something from me!
  • A Cheshire Girl In Yorkshire - I've got books and books of recipes I have written down over the years. I am happy to share them with you, let me know what type you would like to see (sweet, savoury, meals or baking???)
  • J x - My hobbies have taken a back seat since Christmas when I started looking after Daisy 24 hours a day. If you start a blog - I will follow!!!
  • Jane - I did get your comments! It seems that we have a lot in common. Our daughter has caused us heartache and worry since she was about 12. She moved out when she was just 16 and came home pregnant! She stayed with us throughout the pregnancy (very ill with morning sickness then pre-eclampsia) because she was ill. We bought everything for her difficult pregnancy and everything for the baby. We spent all of our savings (from when I worked) and my husband worked every Saturday to save up for her Silver Cross pram and car seat etc. All of her boyfriends have been bad and she started seeing someone in November. By Christmas, she was spending most of her time with him and left Daisy with us. Daisy is 10 months old on Monday and now she has decided she wants her back! She is renting a house and has everything paid for her in benefits (she has never given us any money for Daisy, although she has bought her a few bits and bobs) and hopes to move in next week. Daisy's little life with us here is about to be turned upside down...
I'm 42 and my husband is 37. I had my first baby at 19, then 20, then 24. I had hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) and spent so much time in hospital, it wasn't fair to have anymore children, so I thought I'd finished! It's actually the youngest that has given us a grandchild and so it all started again. I'm older now and the sleepless nights are harder! Daisy is very small. She didn't grow very well in the womb and was born a month early. Her growth is steady for her, but she is tiny (wearing 3-6 month clothes) and has a tiny tummy, so needs feeding several times a day (even with solids). Last night I fed her at 10.30 then 3.30 and she was up at 7am. This was a good night! It has been every 2 hours last week.

I love looking after her and my life will be incomplete without her now. However, we did have plans which have been put on hold for now.


Thank you to all of my readers, commenters and followers xxx

I have done my freezer audit which is a bit boring, so I'll post it up on it's own.

Mandy xxx


  1. Gosh Mandy, difficult times. Chin up and carry on. Wishing you all the best. Oh and congratulations on the 100th post. Here's to 100 more (no pressure!). xx

  2. Hi Mandy,
    I am so so sorry that your daughter is about to turn your (and your little granddaughters) lives upside down. It must be so hard for you to go through this after you have been this childs "parents" for the past 10 months.
    I wonder if your daughter realises just how hard it will be for her to just come walking back into Daisys life after 10 months of not knowing her, I doubt very much she has thought this through and she will in no way be prepared for how hard a job it is looking after a baby.
    I hope she will realise that it wont be a walk in the park and that Daisy may not even take to her as she has never really known her, she will have disrupted nights, sometimes with no sleep and her days will no longer be her own as a baby is constant 24/7 needy.
    I think it may just be yet another way to get a reaction from you as this seems to be what she likes to do.
    I wouldn't be too worried as I think when she realises that there will be no more freedom to do just as she pleases she will rapidly change her mind about caring for Daisy full time.
    I still sometimes resent my daughter for what she did, especially the second time and think that's why I haven't bonded with Alfie. It is also a major cause of friction between us that she is still in contact with Alfies dad and his parents have a lot to do with both the grandkids even though Daniel is no relation to them. I do not spite Daniel by not letting him go places with them when they take Alfie and they do treat them both the same, Its not actually them I have a major problem with its their son, I will never accept him for various reasons and neither will my husband.
    Daniel doesnt see his dad as he has since gone on to get numerous other girls pregnant so has many other kids to various girls so we are glad that he doesn't want contact with Daniel. The same goes for Daniels other grandparents they too have never bothered with him as they have 20+ other grandchildren. He has never suffered from this and we prefer it they have no contact.
    Daniel is classed as disabled as he has Lymphoedema in his left leg and has to have massage, wear compression stockings, have bandaging for the severe swelling and we have to be careful to counteract him contracting cellulitis through any injuries to his leg.
    His mum receives all his benefits for him and we have never taken a penny from her for his keep. She does buy all his clothes and toys and a certain amount of his food but I also shop for him as well and make all his meals, wash and iron his clothes, infact look after him 24/7 except when hes at school.
    I recently changed my hours at work and now work 10am - 2pm so luckily can be there in a morning to get him to school and there when he finishes at 3pm so its worked for the best.
    I cannot imagine him ever leaving us and moving in with his mum full time so I can not begin to imagine how hard it must be for you to have this threat hanging over you.
    Keep strong, you are doing a fantastic job, I know its hard and tiring and sometimes you just feel like screaming but they are worth it in the end.
    I hope your daughter can see how it will upset Daisy by uprooting her from all she knows and decide it will be the wrong thing to do, you are in my thoughts and don't think people don't care. I am so glad I found your blog and hope you get the outcome you so desperately want. take care, jane x

  3. You must be concerned about your Daughter taking away the baby. I think baby will be back with you quite soon - is your Daughter going to want to stay in with a baby each evening. Plus - the disturbed sleep will be a shock to her after leaving all to you. How will you feel about Daisy coming back to you?

  4. Found you via Frugal Queen and have added you to my favourites. I wish you well with all the heartache you seem to have to deal with at the moment and hope that it can resolved so everyone, especially little Dasiy, wins.

    Take care of yourself

    Trsh xx

  5. Hi Mandy,
    what a lovely blog you have. I came to your blog through frugal Queen.Your daughter is very lucky to have you as a mother and you are being a wonderful grand-mother to Daisy. I do hope everything works out for you and your family.
    Don't forget to look after yourself

  6. Happy 100th post! :)

    What a time of it you've had! My two were sleeping through the night by 6-8 weeks old, but I remember how hard those few weeks were with broken sleep for 1 feed each night. How you manage to function day after day I don't know! Honestly, you're doing a fantastic job!

    I hope your daughter doesn't cause to much chaos - echoing others' comments, I doubt she realises how hard it's going to be having Daisy back full-time. I hope everything works out. Sx