Thursday, 23 January 2014

It's my birthday

Sorry I've not been around much lately. I came very close to stopping blogging altogether, but have reconsidered. I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself and I don't want this to be an online diary for myself. I'm feeling uninspired  to carry on at the moment. 

On a more positive note, I am planning to start a new blog where I simply talk about my bakes and makes. My sewing room is nearly ready and I'm back doing what I love...baking.

Oh yes...and it's my birthday. I was given some lovely books by my wonderful hubby and Daisy...

More Mary berry delights to try and a quilting book to begin a new hobby. I'm a lucky lady! Also a bedtime read... A bit of social history. I love the 1950s.

Daisy and I have been baking (sorry no photos...I'm not allowed) and she loved it!  

You can follow me on Instagram mandymand95 if you're interested. Thank you Sara, I love your photos, always up to fun things x

I will of course let you know what my plans are when I have decided.

Mandy x


  1. Hi

    Please don't stop. I really enjoy what you post and I am sure there are many more readers than those who comment.

  2. Oh Mandy! I think everyone feels fed up of blogging at some point. I've come close to stopping several times. Yeah more stuff about makes and bakes sounds great. I hope you carry on. Enjoy quilting, what are you going t make first? Xx

  3. Hi Mandy, I'm feeling that way at the moment too. I enjoy your blog and agree with above, more bakes! X

  4. Happy birthday Mandy,
    You write a lovely blog but you have to do whats right for you. Enjoy your baking with Daisy. i am sure you have many more readers than you think

  5. Hi Mandy, I wondered if things had taken a bad turn with YKW and you were having troubles again. Please don't give up blogging you have many people out here who think a lot about you and would certainly miss you.
    Take all the time you need, we will still be here waiting to hear from you, enjoy the baking, take care, love and hugs jane xx

  6. Oh nearly forgot happy birthday xx

  7. Hi Mandy, I've never commented before but do read your blog and enjoy it. Sorry for not saying so before now. Like your other readers, you're in my thoughts when you're going through tough times, and I enjoy your recipes and other thrifty stuff. Happy birthday, love Kim xx

  8. Happy birthday Mandy have a fun day x

  9. Belated happy birthday, Mandy. Our weather has turned a little cooler at the moment so have been busy doing things before extreme heat again next week. We even had some rain yesterday! Sounds like you have a lot of plans in mind. Good luck!

  10. By the way it is the 25th over here that is why I said belated!!

  11. Who ever is telling you that you are "not allowed" to put up what photo,s you want needs a reminder that this is your blog and you will put what you like in it. Take a tip from Froogs and do as you like, those who don't like don 't have to read. Pam x