Monday, 6 January 2014

Meal plans for the next two weeks...

Hi everyone, I'm using my iPhone to blog today. I hope it turns out ok! 

Yesterday we went shopping. We have plenty of food and I actually properly meal planned from my Mary berry cookbook. The following meals are not in any order or for any particular day. I decide the evening before what I want to cook the following day. I am led by what needs using up first, especially with fresh ingredients. So here are the 14 meals: 

Quiche and beans
Fish pie and peas
Fish cakes, wedges and beans
Roast chicken etc etc...
Chicken pie and veg
Coq au vin, dauphinois potatoes and veg
Tandoori chicken, rice and veg curry
Beef casserole, mash/dumplings 
Burgers, wedges, onion rings, sweet corn and hm coleslaw
Sausage, mustard mash, veg and onion gravy
Lamb chops, mash and veg/cheese and potato pie 
Veg lasagne and salad
Macaroni cheese, salad and French bread
Bacon and mushroom risotto 

I also plan to start making puddings even if only ice cream, because I can then reduce portion sizes of the more expensive potatoes but still fill everyone up. I have lots of puddings in my cupboards that I've been to lazy to make.

I will post recipes if requested by you.

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Thanks for reading

Mandy x

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