Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Eating less meat...


I thought I'd share with you how we eat much less meat than we used to. We were big meat eaters...every day in greedy quantities!

My family has changed. At one time I was feeding six adults. Now most of the time it's just two adults and Daisy. 

We don't eat meat every day now. I will make egg and cheese based meals with jacket potatoes or pasta or rice. I make veggie risotto or pasta. Sometimes omelettes or simply dippy eggs (one of Daisy's favourites). We have adapted and adjusted to not miss the mountains of meat we were consuming.

We went shopping on Sunday and after looking for the offers, we choose a selection of meat to last the next fortnight. We choose to buy good quality and British so look out for when these are on offer. We never buy the value meat because of the animal's living conditions and welfare standards. If the better quality 'happy' meat is really expensive, we won't buy it and do without. 

When I get home from shopping I split the meat up to freeze...

The meat is divided into meal portions, bagged and frozen until needed. The portions I need to create our meals is considerably less than I used to cook. This is how we continue to afford to be meat eaters. We are not greedy either now! I pad out meals with extra veg too. We are certainly not underfed!!

Does anyone else do this? I like to get as many meals as possible from a pack of meat. 

Mandy x


  1. I used to buy chicken breasts, a few years ago I swapped to chicken thighs.
    I swapped good steak for the butchers peppered steak & this is only on high days & holidays.
    I've now swapped bacon rashers for bacon scraps.
    I've swapped lamb chops for mis-shaped chops.
    I'm running out of stuff to swap, I often eat meat free meal

    1. Hi snitty kitty

      I often cook the cheaper cuts of meat in my slow cooker so they're nice and tender xx

  2. Hi Mandy.
    I too use the slow cooker for cooking cheaper meats and I've also found a great way of keeping joints of meat tender when roasted in the oven, I use an enamel roasting tin with a lid and the tin has little round dimples all over it. I also add a tiny amount of water to any oil I put in the bottom and this seems to help the meat stay nice and tender even the cheaper cuts.
    I personally don't eat meat but my hubby is a big meat eater but I have swapped from minced beef to Quorn mince for use in bolognaise and shepherds pies, chillis etc and with the addition of herbs and spices etc he is still none the wiser and. From one pack of the quorn mince (roughly £1.50 a pack with added mixed veg, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions etc I can make at least 2 large lasagnes or shepherds pies or 4 portions of spaghetti bolognaise etc making it a lot cheaper than "real" minced beef.
    I buy all of my meat from Doncaster indoor meat and fish market as the supermarkets are getting far too expensive, even for the value stuff.
    looking forward to more frugal meal ideas, take care jane xx

    1. Hi Jane

      We are still eating meat, just not as much as before. My hubby is also a big meat eater but he's coping with the huge reductions!

      Every now and then we stock the freezer from the butchers but this is becoming rare now because of the expense. I only buy minced turkey from the supermarket as I don't like their minced beef.

      So wet and cold here at the moment...should be eating stew and dumplings!

      Mandy xx

  3. Hi Mandy,

    I also buy mostly chicken portions and split the pack like you do. 2 whole legs, a couple of drumsticks and thighs. It goes much further that way. I use a lot of rice and pasta and pad curries out with lentils. We like the Quorn mince and pieces and use them in stir frys and chilli, really nice. I sparingly use chorizo too as in tiny pieces it really gives great flavour and meatiness. I am doi g our weekly shop tomorrow and trying to keep below £50 for 2 of us for three meals a day. I do find it difficult though. X

    1. Hi, good to hear from you,

      I know what you mean about cutting the food shop. We are spending a huge amount still. It means that we can't do other things, so we really need to address it and soon!

      Let me know how you get on with your shopping.

      Mandy xx

  4. Last time I needed meat instead of getting it at the supermarket we went to a Lloyd Maunder butchers, and I split it all up, it tasted better and worked out cheaper also.