Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Using the slow cooker on a hot day!

Hi everyone...anyone?

I've been going through my cupboards this week, picking out anything close to its use by date. I plan to gradually use these bits up, incorporating them into our meals and baking. 

I have also started to go through my freezers doing the same. This is what I've done this morning...

The blackberries have been in the freezer a while and the apples have wrinkled skins! These are the base of my crumble for tonight's pudding.

The apples are sweet so no sugar needed.

The crumble mix is simple...plain flour, marg and I used soft brown sugar. Sprinkled over the fruit and ready to bake just before tea.

The slow cooker is on with lamb that's been in the freezer for a while, with some frozen cauliflower, frozen mixed veg, sweet corn, onions, mixed herbs and gravy granules that Daisy can't have (contain lactose would you believe!) Not my normal slow cooker combination, but using stuff up...

I've made Daisy a vegetable stew and raspberry jelly with frozen raspberries for pudding. She will eat this with her dairy free ice cream.

My cupboards are looking much less cluttered now. Tomorrow I will be using up more things. Until then...

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy,
    I am also still doing much of the same, eating down both the cupboards and freezers. Sometimes the stuff that gets used up doesn't exactly go quite right together but as long as it makes a delicious, filling meal with no extra money being spent no one here seems to mind.
    I love the idea of using up the last bits of stuff as I did the other day and found great satisfaction in tipping the last of a bag of AF suet mix into the kenwood with the dough hook on and made up a batch of suet pastry. The fact I have about another 4 3.5kg bags of this stuff in the spare bedroom in large plastic storage boxes makes no difference, I was just pleased that I had used some up and made 9 pies from it that were frozen for future meals.
    I still need to sort these tubs out and see what else is lurking there, I know there are at least 4 3.5kg bags of batter mix and also the same of pizza base mix.
    As I have an extra day off this weekend and don't plan to go anywhere it may be the ideal opportunity to have a sort out of dry goods and have a marathon cooking session. I know this once again does fill the freezers back up but its always good to have some type of ready meal to pull out for quick meals.
    Hope you enjoy the coming bank holiday weekend and look forward to more of your use it up ideas, any suggestions for meals of this type are greatly appreciated.
    take care, jane xx

    1. Thanks Jane

      I haven't ordered from af for months now. I found I was buying in bulk but not getting through it. Also the packet cake mixes were a mistake. I just gave in and pay a huge price for decent flour to bake with. Home pride is my favourite xx