Thursday, 15 January 2015

A little bit of baking...

Hi everyone,

Daisy and I did a little baking the other day...


Fruit cakes

And fairy cakes with pink icing. Look how good she's getting at icing!

All of these recipes came from my childhood cook book

Daisy also loves to help me get the tea ready and sometimes we make a pudding too. Yesterday I cleaned out a couple of kitchen cupboards and I found a few bits that needed using up, so we made a sort of trifle. 

The flan sponge was bought for a strawberry flan originally (but never happened) but was close to its date. I put this on a dinner plate. At this point you need to make the jelly (see below ;)

Then I drained the peaches.

Next we made a little arrangement with the peaches. Yes there are gaps, but this was a use-up kind of pudding so we didn't mind. 

Here's a jelly I made earlier! I made the jelly first so it started to cool. 

We poured the jelly over the flan slowly and evenly being careful that it didn't spill over. Then we put it in the fridge until teatime.

It ended up like this...a trifle sponge with fruit. We ate it with whipped double cream and Daisy had soya ice cream. I couldn't decorate with the cream because of Daisy's lactose intolerance. 

Does anyone else invent puddings according to what's about, lurking, just waiting to be used? This one was quite nice!

Mandy x


  1. I make a huge "Jaffa cake" with those cases. Pop the case into the freezer for half an hour then make an orange jelly up using 1/4 pint of boiling water and add 1/2 pint of orange juice, put it in the fridge until it is really gloopy and almost set then pour into the flan case and back into the fridge to finish setting. when firm I cover with a thin layer of chocolate ganache but I have used chocolate spread sometimes for cheapness and because it is quicker.

    1. Oh Pam that sounds lovely! I'm definite going to try that xx

  2. aahh it looks like you and Daisy had a wonderful day baking and making ;-) Bet you both slept well that night :-) dee xx