Monday, 12 January 2015

Are you loyal to one supermarket?

Hi everyone

Well to answer my question...I was...but not anymore! I have been loyal to one but got so fed up with dreadful online shopping experiences and last week was the final straw! The fresh produce was the worst I have ever had and I would never of picked that stuff up instore. The uncut loaves were burnt and inside was disgusting...we couldn't eat it.

This week I tried Sainsburys and was pleasantly surprised. I mostly bought meat, bread, fruit, veg, salad and dairy items. Nearly everything was fresh and what a difference! 

I'm happy so next week I will stick with sainsburys but I will also be willing to try others. I want to save money on the food shop but I also want quality fresh foods. 

Yesterday I had a day off cooking and lovely hubby treated us to a beautiful roast...

I think he overloaded my plate (I didn't eat that much!) Such a treat to be cooked for. 

This morning, the post-Christmas declutter continues and I'm sorting out my kitchen. No photos of that but look at this...

A double yolker! Only the second I have found in my lifetime! Simple things please me :)

Finally, the slow cooker is on...sausage casserole and lovely fresh farmhouse loaf to mop up the gravy. I'm going to use my slow cooker as much as possible. Please share any recipes you have in the comments...I don't have a lot for slow cooking and fancy something other than casserole! 

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. I brought a recipe book for slow cookers in Works for £2.99 and it has changed my approach to the kind of stews I do. My best things are sausage casserole, old fashioned beef stew ( dumplings towards the end) and I now do my monster sized Minestrone in there!
    I shop at Sainsbury on line and am 99% satisfied with goods and delivery. I tend to buy Sainsbury's own brand basics for 80% of shop and just keep to the old favourites - PG Tips and Shreddies. I have a delivery every fortnight so it is just over the £100 and delivery is free.

    1. How do you get free delivery? Mine was over £100 (just) and I paid £6 delivery charge! X

    2. I think when you shop online at Sainsburys you get the free delivery if you shop Mon to Thur and have delivery after 2pm and spend over £100. I think you can also get delivery for as little as £1 if you look carefully and I don't think you have to spend over £100. You just have to get to know their website, you'll get there! xx

    3. Thanks Sheena...I'll have a look x

  2. I start my shopping in Aldi & what I can't find there I will go to one of our other supermarkets.
    I don't do online food shopping as I like to see what I am buying.

    Since our weather has turned a bit cooler (mid 20degC) I have my slow cooker on with meatballs in a couple of tins of crushed tomatoes & we will have it on rice as I have some extra cooked in the fridge.

    1. Hi Mary Jo
      I would love to shop in aldi, but it is more convenient for us as a family to get the shopping delivered. Sainsburys picked my shopping as I would have so I may stick with them for a while x