Monday, 15 February 2016

Daisy's perfect Sunday and a photo catch-up!

Hi everyone, busy as usual but I have taken a few photos for you...


Knitting and crochet...

A dolly blanket made by the lovely Anne at Button Mooney Designs. It looks beautiful on Daisy's pram.

I've been looking for an old fashioned pram toy for Henry and love these crochet balls, so asked Anne to make them into a pram toy for Henry. He loves it!

She kindly gifted me some of her homemade cards too!

This is my next project :)

Daisy had a lovely day yesterday. There was a trip to the park with Grampy in the morning and baking with me in the afternoon. I made scones and a fruit cake.

Daisy made cheese straws with me...she is so good at the rubbing in method now and she's only 3 years old! 

We also made fairy cakes and Daisy iced and decorated them all by herself! 

We invited Charlotte round for tea...the perfect end to the weekend :)

This week is half-term so no nursery.  We've got lots of crafting and baking planned along with sorting out toys! Hopefully Daisy can get out to play in the garden too. It's so mucky out there but I have been getting one load of washing dry a day.

At the moment, this diary style of writing is working for me, so I hope to share what we've been up to with you as we go along. 

I'm getting back into baking so will be sharing some recipes too. I'm rediscovering old cook books and generally trying harder. 

Thanks for reading.

Mandy x


  1. well done with the baking. my washing was left out while we went for a dog walk, we came home in the snow, which stopped when we got home.

  2. Well done Daisy with all the baking! It is so good to teach them while they are young.