Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Poorly house :(

Hi everyone

Like many people at the moment, we are poorly here. One cold closely followed another and it's not been pleasant. You get by but it's a struggle to be thrifty when the last thing you want is to cook a meal from scratch.

I did make some vegetable soup...

It was very easy! I melted a little marg and olive oil in a pan and chucked in a pack of soup vegetable mix. It's chopped finely and only 70p so worth every penny. I then added a chicken stock cube (reduced salt) dissolved in boiling water. I let it bubble away then blitzed it with my hand blender. This was perfect for Henry too! I added some of Daisy's lactose free cream to hers and double cream to mine...it makes all the difference. It was very comforting and so easy when you feel ill. The children loved it! 

I've tried to get as much veg into us as possible and even though I didn't feel like cooking a roast, we had pork on Sunday with extra veg!

Yes, and a shop bought chocolate gateau for £1 which did us a few days. 

As I was sitting down more, I decided to be productive and found an easy pattern for baby booties. I've knitted blue for Henry in this wool...

And a pair in lemon for my friend's beautiful newborn. 

Today is a new start for me and I've made big decisions to improve our lives. I'm decluttering properly this time...for good! I'm getting rid of the modern tat and concentrating on the vintage style I love so much. I've treated myself to a few  bits for the house and will show you when they arrive. For new things to come into the house, I have to clear extra so please join me as I transform our home into a better place. We should all do more of what makes us happy!

Thanks for reading.

Mandy x

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  1. Hi Mandy,
    sorry you have all been ill, is it this bad cold/flu bug? we have all had the bad cough that is doing the rounds here, this has resulted in quite a few sleepless nights.
    I too have been making loads of different soups but mine have been more thai style with coconut cream or the thin miso soups. I have made prawn with coconut & lemongrass, crab, sweetcorn & noodle and a chicken noodle with wontons. Todays offering was a plain pea and mint.
    The idea of getting rid of modern stuff and going with more vintage is a lovely idea, cant wait to see what you have bought.
    The knitting is also lovely, unfortunately i cant knit, i can just about crochet a plain blanket and thats my lot, my mum could knit and crochet some beautiful stuff, unfortunately i never inherited her talent.
    take care jane xx