Saturday, 1 January 2011

1st January 2011 - A New Start

Well here goes, my first post...

I have been reading lots of wonderful blogs, and have been inspired to have a go too. This is day 1 of my own personal challenge to make life better. 2010 was a really traumatic year for us as a family and I want to draw a line under it and start again. I hope to spend more time with my family, doing the stuff we enjoy. I also want to save money so we can go on holiday this year. To save money I will have to make a lot of cutbacks!

So what have I done today?...  I have done some decluttering in my bedroom and neatly packed stuff away in my new Cath Kidston storage bags. I have decided to start to work my way through the huge pile of books I have bought but never read. I am currently reading 'The Lovely Bones' but this is slow going because I never make time to read. I have also decided to try harder to keep on top of my housework. It is so easy to put off a huge pile of ironing, so why don't I just do it as I go along? There is always something else to do and I am an expert at putting things off!

My lovely daughter Alice cooked tea tonight (all I did was put the meat in the oven), a delicious roast - all homemade. She even dished-up and did the washing-up! She loves cooking, as I do and we make a good team. She will definitely be helping me with my challenge to be more 'homemade', while spending quality time together in the kitchen.

So what are my plans for tomorrow? Well, it's back to work on Tuesday, so I think the Christmas decorations will have to come down and then I will clean the house. I must tackle that ironing pile too. Now I've said it I will have to do it - ha, ha!!!

Onwards and upwards ...

Mandy x

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