Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cutting back!

I'm on a mission...

I have been putting off losing weight for quite some time now. I had a back injury three and a half years ago and was out of action for over three months. The complete lack of exercise and comfort eating resulted in most of the weight gain I now have to live with. Since then I have just been a greedy pig! I love cheese, crisps chocolate and cake. I use lots of butter and cream in my cooking and have larger than needed portion sizes too. I know it has to stop, but I have no willpower.

A friend of mine has lost loads of weight by eating a high protein diet and cutting back on carbs. I am going to try this out because it is supposed to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Another problem I have is eating breakfast because I feel sick if I eat after getting up. At the weekends I eat at about 10 o'clock, but I work in a school so this isn't possible throughout the week.

Today I have had beef and vegetable soup (tin left over from last month's shop) and 4 party ring biscuits (left over from Christmas) for lunch. For tea I had cottage pie(homemade), green beans, cabbage and peas, with raspberry ripple ice-cream for pudding.

So, tomorrow I have prepared a salad of lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, ham and a teaspoon of mayo. I will also finish the tin of soup I opened today, followed by an apple. I am trying to cut back on bread as much as possible. I have hard boiled two eggs to snack on and HAVE to drink more water!!! I will let you know if I am full-up tomorrow. Tea will be cheesy pasta and sausages. Meal planning is soooooo important.

I have kept up with my plan to read more, now steaming through my book.

Bad news though - we received our electric bill of £270 today and the invoice from the boiler man - another £200 to be paid this week. January is a nightmare month, and it's my 40th birthday on the 23rd!

I'm off to do some school work now, night night x

Mandy x

P.S I hope to get round to putting some photos on here at the weekend.

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