Saturday, 22 January 2011

My birthday celebrations start here!!!

I have had a wonderful day ...

Today has been lovely. My friends at work have been plotting for some time now for my birthday celebrations. Today was full of surprises and they managed to make me cry twice! I have been feeling really emotional about turning 40 and today that emerged!

First the children came into the classroom each wearing a party hat and carrying a helium balloon. They sang 'Happy Birthday' as they walked in (about 10 times) and each greeted me with a smile chanting happy birthday.

The presents from the children (really from the teacher)came next. I had a CD... a fabulous 80s compilation, a damson and pomegranate candle and a chocolate rabbit. Next I was treated to a giant french fancy cake with a rocket style sparkler candle and the children ate their lunch still wearing their party hats.

After lunch we had a party for me... dancing to my new CD and more cake! After playtime we had assembly. I had to go up to the front and was given flowers and wine and everyone sang happy birthday.

After work my friend took me out, but I didn't know where we were going! We ended up at Fawsley Hall for afternoon tea. When we got into the car park I spotted cars belonging to my other friends (a complete surprise) which set me off crying. There were twelve of us sat in a circle on sofas and chairs around a huge coffee table. We had coffee, tea, sandwiches and scones with jam and cream. Sitting with friends by the fire in a great hall was the perfect treat.

Totally overwhelmed, then came my presents ... my friend handed me a parcel which was a large fluffy towel (Anthea Turner style) tied up with ribbon. Inside were GHD hair straighteners!!!!!!!!!! I cried again. There were loads of posh smellies too. I have been spoilt rotten.

So to my friends - thank you so much for such a special day xxxxxxxx

I took photos, so will post them up soon.

ps: It's not actually my birthday until Sunday!

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