Saturday, 5 April 2014

Carboot sale bargains...

Hi everyone and thank you for your comments :)

We went to our local Carboot sale this morning. I picked up some fantastic bargains for Daisy...

I picked up eleven books, all in really good condition for the total of £3.40. Some were only 20p each. All of Daisy's favourite animals and characters are in this collection and she loves stories. 

Pooh bear toy was £1. I tried to get it for 50p, but the lady wouldn't go for that because of the battery!

This puzzle is perfect for Daisy because she can gar the pieces easily. It was 50p.

This lovely little hand knitted dolly was £2, but I think it was worth that. My knitting is very basic! 

Daisy loves dogs and this is really cuddly. It cost me 50p and needs a good wash!

Piglet was 20p.

These little sets are perfect for Daisy. She loves to make marks and you can see the pooh bear theme going on here! These were 50p each.

Daisy is really into anything Beatrix Potter at the moment. This was a 10p video and yes we do still have a video player!

Finally I picked up these clothes from the same seller. I paid £3.75 altogether. There are two dresses (one is baby gap) and two tops and two bottoms.

My total spend was £12.45. I only pay what things are worth to me and I put many things down again! Having said that, I paid less than what I would charge for some of my purchases. Even supermarket children's books and clothes are becoming expensive. Daisy has at least one new book a fortnight from asda and some kind of clothing. By buying at boot sales, I can reduce our expenditure. She loves to play outside every day so it's not worth me spending a fortune! She has clothes for playing in and some for best. Everything gets used, played with, read or worn and then sold on. This turn around will keep the clutter under control. I have only kept a few things for any future grandchildren we may have and Daisy's special things for her memory box. 

I am still working hard, assessing every corner of our home...decluttering what's not needed and moving things to a more appropriate place when spaces are not working well for me. There is still too much stuff out and on show (which makes cleaning take longer) and I need to make space to store these things away. I still have clutter hotspots and dumping ground areas...the kitchen table and utility room work surfaces. I would love to post photos of these areas clear and tidy...perhaps that should be my next challenge to motivate me to solve the problem??? Fingers crossed I can achieve this very soon X

Another issue that I have faced this week is simply having no desire to cook. I have cooked, but not enjoyed it and found it a huge chore. I'm not sure why but I need to snap out of it! Does anyone else ever feel like this?

How's your week been?

Mandy x


  1. Good finds at the carboot sale! Love the sweet knitted doll.

    1. Me too Jan! I wish I could knit like that xx

  2. well done at the boot sale. I love cooking but do have phases when i would rather do mountains of ironing. I just grit my teeth and use the home made ready meals from the freezer until the mood passes. I love to sew but can go for days and not even see my sewing machines when I walk past them.

    1. Hi Pam
      I suppose things become a bit the same and we get bored. My lovely hubby cooked roast beef yesterday...a very welcome treat!xx

  3. I haven't started car booting yet this year, but I'm getting very itchy and need lots more duvets and curtains to cut up for sewing projects. Pleased you had lots of luck!

    1. Hi Josie
      I'm always on the lookout for fabric potential, but never seem to find what I'm looking for xx

  4. Replies
    1. I know...I always manage to find lots for Daisy but nothing for me!xx

  5. Great finds, if you need to find boot sale locations checkout this directory, found lots of sale on it myself.