Thursday, 24 April 2014

Yesterday...baking cake mixes and resisting temptation!

Hi everyone, 
I did mean to blog yesterday, but by the time I got round to it, it was bedtime and the internet connection in my bedroom is very poor (too far away from the wireless router) so I gave up!

Yesterday I baked all morning...

I made cakes for the tin and for the freezer. I used up some longtime lurking packet mixes that I bought ages ago from approved food. They were out-of-date so I wasn't sure how they'd turn out. I decided to add coconut to one batch and dried fruit to another. The fairy cakes came with icing sugar and sprinkles. 

The results were not brilliant, but they needed using up and I didn't want to throw them out. I won't be buying those again! I thought I'd try them because they were so cheap and flour is so expensive! 

I have been stockpiling baking ingredients when they are on offer in asda and now have plenty to bake from scratch as I like to. Photos and recipes to follow... I love baking and so does Daisy. 

Yesterday I was also really proud of myself for resisting temptation! I had an avon book through the door and I used to buy most of my make up from them. I had spare money because I was working then and now I don't. I do have plenty of make up though and don't need any more! I didn't even look through the brochure. I also had a kleeneze book too, which I ignored too. I try to think that if I need something, I can go and shop around for the best price and buy when I want to. I don't need to buy for the sake of it. These brochures are being returned via my doorstep today without an order. 

Has anyone else tried the cake mixes from approved food?

Mandy x


  1. I have never used cake mixes, Mandy always from scratch and I am pleased to say my daughter is the same. I always made the children fancy cakes for their birthdays, they would pick what they wanted and she does the same! Very happy about that.

    1. Hi maryjo

      I don't normally use them either, but thought I'd try them because flour has got so expensive. I've also tried baking with cheap flour but the results aren't as good as nice flour. Nobody likes the packet mix cakes!

      I learnt to bake when I was very young and have been cooking from scratch and baking all of my adult life. I moved out when I was 18!

      I have taught 4year olds to cook when I worked at a primary school and Daisy is learning now...she loves it. My son was never interested, but my daughters can bake lovely cakes and biscuits.

      I will be stocking up on home pride flour when I go shopping on Sunday xx

  2. Hi Mandy, wow, your baking looks fantastic. I cant bale to save my life, I can cook a meal from nothing but my baking skills are very lacking unfortunately. So because of this I have bought the Approved Food mixes. I have only had the carrot cake mix in 2.5kg bags and the chocolate brownie mix in 2.5kg.
    The carrot cake mix is very good but I always add a little more spice and a bit extra grated carrot. I didn't have much success with the brownie mix (I had 4 bags as they were only £2 per bag if I remember correctly) so I gave them to my daughters friend who regularly bakes with her 3 children.
    I also have had the cheesecake base and filling mixes which were also quite good bargains at 99p a bag, these were improved my adding a small amount of food colouring and also flavourings to the toppings.
    I won a packet of Betty Crocker small cake mix in a tombola at Christmas and found this to be poor quality even though I understand they are expensive to buy, it also didn't make many cakes unfortunately.
    Take care, jane

    1. Hi Jane

      As you are good at cooking from scratch, I bet you can bake lovely cakes! I will look for a couple of simple recipes that you might like to try???

      Honestly, homebaking can be so lovely, even a few simple fairy cakes with a bit of icing. Does Daniel enjoy baking at school? Children's cook books are brilliant! I've still got the same book I had as a 7th birthday present from my uncle and auntie.

      Would you like a cake tutorial? What baked goods do your family like? I'm here if you'd like done's the only thing I'm good at!!!

      Ps: hope you had a good holiday xx

    2. "Some help". Not done help !!!
      My phone decides what I type sometimes :(

  3. Hi Mandy, I've always baked from scratch until recently when I discovered Approved Foods and tried some of their mixes. Often they are as cheap as 4 for £1. I've had some lovely chocolate cake ones, some cookies, shortbread, muffins and brownies. The results do vary but as I don't have a lot of spare time I think if I had to start from scratch I wouldn't often bake at all (which would be better for our waistlines). Also, I agree about the cost of flour, it has rocketed. Have a good weekend, Kim x

  4. Thanks Kim, you too xx
    I'm glad you had success with the mixes, perhaps mine were rubbish because they were out of date.

    I have had to make time to bake! This means less housework done :)
    It is hard when you're working but when I look back on my blog, I did bake more when I was working! Daisy keeps me very busy!

    I sadly don't have a waist! I have stopped eating crisps but started baking again. Oh dear xx