Friday, 18 April 2014

I've been to primark!

Hi everyone

This morning I went to primark in Milton Keynes with Charlotte and Daisy. We did some serious shopping for summer clothes! While I continue to pick up bits and pieces from the Carboot sale for Daisy to play outside in, I did need to find some smarter clothes for her to go out in.  

Primark is cheap as you will see...

 Minnie Mouse outfit £7

'Cute is my middle name' t-shirt and hearts t-shirt ...£1.50 each

7 bibs...£3, polka dot t-shirt...£2, Minnie Mouse flannel...£1, 3x socks...£1.50, and little bag...£3 (I've been looking for a little bag for Daisy for ages)

Coral top and denim shorts...£8 and white top with denim shorts...£8

2 pack of leggings...£3 (bargain)

2 pack of dresses for £5!! Another bargain find.

These dresses were £6 each! So pretty with underskirts. They are a bit big but I'm hoping the butterfly one will fit Daisy for her second birthday which isn't until September. I buy clothes to last. 

That was it for Daisy as we did pick up some pretty dresses in mothercare last week too, plus two new pairs of shoes from Clark's. 

Primark may not be the best quality, but Daisy will grow out of these clothes and I won't get much back at a Carboot sale, so I don't want to spend too much in the first place. 

Does anyone else shop at primark??

Mandy x


  1. Cute clothes, lucky Daisy!
    We don't have Primark in Australia, but I agree with you about not spending too much on children's clothe as they grow out of them so quickly.
    Happy Easter & I hope bunny brings to Daisy what she can have!!

  2. I'm an occasional Primark shopper. I tend to buy most of my youngest's clothes at supermarkets. The high street isn't as good for boys are girls. I hand the children's clothes down to my nephew or sell on ebay. They do grow out of things rather than wear them out.

    I didn't know you were from Northants too!

  3. Hi Caroline
    I buy a lot of Daisy's clothes from asda while I'm grocery shopping. Yes, I'm between Daventry and Banbury in Oxfordshire.
    Happy Easter x

  4. You can certainly get some good bargains at Pri-marni as I call it as it sounds much more designer!!

    1. You certainly can!
      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog xx