Sunday, 20 April 2014

Carbooting...a huge haul of bargains!

Hi everyone!

This has been a busy weekend for shopping! Yesterday we went carbooting to Finmere and picked up a huge amount of stuff. Don't panic...I'm not filling my home with unnecessary clutter! Next week I will be busy going through Daisy's clothes to throw away the grotty stuff (her clothes get stained from food because she is allergic to the plastic backing on bibs) and going through her toys...removing anything that she has grown out of. 

The money I spend is what I have made from selling at the car boot in previous weeks (I am very good at saving money for that purpose). I have lots of 10ps, 20ps and 50ps and use these to fund my purchases. Prepare for lots of photos!

Coat, cards and top...3 for a £

Fisher price telephone...30p...Daisy picked it up and said "hello" even though she's never seen this style of telephone before!

The tambourine and denim dress were 50p altogether. The summer dress was free! The lady gave it to us(before I picked up the other things) because of a little stain on the shoulder strap. I will try to remove it as she was going to throw it away.

Daisy is really into woodland creatures (from her love of Beatrix Potters Peter rabbit) and particularly foxes...50p

I plan to start doing more cooking with Daisy ...she loves it!

This was one of my best finds...a fold up garden chair for Daisy...£2...I've been looking out for one of these and they can be quite expensive new.

These puzzles are just right because Daisy can grab the pieces easily...50p (it looks funny because it's covered nk cling film!)

3 books for 30p

2 books for 60p

3 books for 50p

Cbeebies characters lunchbox...50p...I thought it was a bag, but it has a drinks bottle inside! I will use this for Daisy's wooden building blocks.

A photo frame the size I need and the smaller frame was given as a's handmade and new in a packet.

All this for £2...clothes for Daisy 20p each...bargain!

Peach tunic top for me...20p

7 tops for me (50p each)...I don't usually find anything in my size and don't buy myself clothes generally, so a welcome treat and it all fits :)

This is a huge pile of clothes for Daisy...£4...25p each.

£1.50 for the two

3 books for 30p

Bag of balls for the ball pit...£2

There was also a Nemo bag and peppa pig toy but Daisy was playing with those! Sorry about all the photos but I like to share my bargain finds with you!

All these items will be washed and found homes around the house. Some of the clothes will fit Daisy now and some she will grow into. Daisy can easily go through four different outfits in a day!

Anyone else picked up some Carboot bargains lately? 

Mandy x


  1. I was planning on going to the car boot yesterday but then mooched around the house and didn't make it out. I went to Holcot last week and didn't find anything. There's always good children's items there though.

    1. Hi Caroline
      Finmere is the best one we have locally x

  2. My word Mandy you will have to do some more decluttering!
    Everything looks lovely & you are both very lucky.
    Hope your Easter was good.

    1. Hi Mary Jo
      Ha ha!
      Easter's been good thank you, I hope yours has been too x

  3. Hi Mandy,
    A very Happy Easter to you and all your family.
    You have done fantastic with your carboot bargains, some lovely stuff there for the amount you spent.
    Our local one (Doncaster football ground) seems to be getting more expensive but there are sometimes bargains to be found if you look hard enough.
    Today I have bought a pair of Ugg type boots (daughter says she thins they are Primark) with thick fur inside and press studs up the sides, like new for £2. I know its nearly summer but I do still wear these type of boots when the weathers a little milder as they are so comfy.
    I got 4 new pillows of the new bedding stall that's there every week as ours were looking a little grotty. He sells chainstore seconds for £1 each brand new, also duvets, duvet sets etc all very cheaply.
    I got a set of 18 assorted shape childrens silicone cupcake cases for when I bake with Daniel for £1 (also Brand new off a new stall that sells allsorts of kitchen stuff).
    The majority of the bootsale seems to be mainly new stalls just lately, and also burger vans, jacket potato stalls, electronic cigarette stalls etc but there is still a large part that is second hand so sometimes bargains can be found.
    I haven't bought my grandsons any chocolate for Easter as they have got loads off other family and friends and I would rather wait until next week and treat them to something such as Skylander figure or something that they can play with rather than more chocolate or sweets.
    I do hope you have a happy Easter and that Daisy has a lovely day, take care jane xx

    1. Thank you Jane, happy Easter to you too x