Saturday, 26 April 2014

Chocolate cookies and an unexpected gift...

Hi everyone

I decided to do some 'proper' baking and made chocolate cookies...

With cadburys dairy milk and milky bar white chocolate chunks inside, these are best eaten fresh out of the oven.

Daisy is trying her first ever chocolate cookie. I used the same recipe but obviously used her dairy free chocolate. A little treat ;)

These beautiful flowers were an unexpected thank you gift from my OH's friends. They borrowed something from me and these were a token of their appreciation. We were also given steak for tonight's tea! We haven't eaten steak in years. I never expected these gifts, I just lent out something I have and they didn't (so would have had to rent them)...simple.

Just in case you haven't realised...I do try my best to reply to your comments. Please check the comments box.

I haven't forgotten about my promise to do a blog post on my ladybird book collection. I've been really busy with Easter and my decluttering. Yesterday I threw away loads of actually feels refreshing and spurs me on to do more. 

Any requests for a future blog post?

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy,
    I wrote you a long reply the other day about your baking, thought I had pressed to publish it, my dad came to visit and I put down the laptop and when I came back to it later realised it hadn't sent (blonde moment).
    I cant remember much of what I wrote now anyway, but your biscuits sound absolutely gorgeous.
    I would love you to do a baking tutorial. I have a really good collection of baking equipment and books on baking but sometimes it just doesn't go right :-(
    I admit I do like actually cooking meals more than anything especially hearty foods like stews, casseroles, thick soups and also puddings. I can manage to make a basic bun mixture to use as microwave sponge pud with either jam, lemon curd or syrup in the bottom of the bowl and the mixture poured on top or mixed fruit or glace cherries added to the mix. I also make quite a good rice pud and a decent bread and butter pudding.
    I have recently stocked up on the value jam and lemon curds as most other things in the value ranges seems to be shooting up in price but so far these haven't as yet. I did notice that the smart price noodles have jumped up from 11p which they have been for about a year to 20p in the last few weeks, so I think they are slowly increasing their value range prices unfortunately for us cash strapped shoppers.
    I have also noticed that when the value range tinned goods on the supermarket shelves are empty they do not seem to restock them, hoping that the customer will then purchase the more expensive ranges. I have today asked in Asda if they had the value garden peas and was told no they had sold out, the lower priced foods seem to be getting more and more scarce just lately, Im not sure if this is supermarket tactics for us to spend more or whether it is people not having as much money to spend so buying more value products and the shops not being able to supply them quick enough.
    Hope you have a nice weekend, take care jane

    1. Hi Jane
      It's so annoying when you lose a long comment...I know!

      I will happily do a series of baking tutorials. I can do step-by-step recipes with photos with guidance on what can go wrong. For example, I'm getting used to my new cooker which easily burns cakes if I'm not careful. Some cakes peak up in the middle. Some will sink if you open the oven door.

      Just let me know what you would like to bake and I'll do a blog post. Baking a few things for the cake tin can save a lot of money on packed lunches. Does Daniel take a packed lunch to school because I have loads of fun children's recipes too?

      Have a think...

      I agree with you about asda. We went today and saw empty shelves with no one restocking. The staff are busy doing the internet orders and the click and collect orders. We buy the cheap rich tea biscuits and they were missing their place were the asda brand (next price up).

      I love the cheap lemon curd too!

      I hope you've had a good weekend too xx

  2. What lovely cookies and roses!

  3. The cookies look yummy & Daisy seems to be enjoying them!

    1. Thank you MaryJo. Daisy did enjoy her cookie but she couldn't eat a whole one! X