Monday, 8 September 2014

Meal Plan Monday...

Hi everyone,

Here is what we'll be eating this week...

Sunday roast chicken, roasties, stuffing, bread sauce, cheesy leeks, carrots, greens and runner beans and gravy. Chocolate crunch pie.

We ate this yesterday and it was lovely!

This is a spare dinner that Charlotte will eat today because she's not keen on beef casserole and hates dumplings!!

Chocolate crunch pie...a little bit of retro heaven!

Monday beef casserole in the slow cooker and chilled lemon flan.

Tuesday porc a la creme and rice. Montlimar pudding.

Wednesday corn and ham flan, homemade wedges and beans. Toffee peaches.

Thursday gourmet sausages, mash, carrots and broccoli. Lemon meringue pie.

Friday chicken pilaff and peach dessert.

Saturday bacon cakes, homemade chips and beans. Homemade vanilla slices. 

Yes, there is a lot of meat in our diet, but I use less and stretch it out with veg etc. my husband has a very manual job and I'm no longer serving him up the likes of macaroni cheese for tea after a hard days work! We love a gravy dinner! 

It had turned colder here, I even put Daisy back in tights and vests and cardies, but now it is red hot again. We are back to sun tan lotion, hats, shorts and ice lollies! Today is hot and I've got the slow cooker going with a casserole and I've been ironing while Daisy naps...not ideal!

While I've been away from proper blogging, I've been catching up with things, celebrating Daisy's second birthday and having a good think! Every now and then I need to re-evaluate and make plans, sometimes changing things. I got on well with my daily blogging, but illness definitely got in the way. I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself so faded away for a while. I have decided to blog when I have something worth reading! Rather than looking for things to interest you, I intend to blog about what we've been up to. Meal plan Monday will remain, but my top tips and thrifty ideas will be 'talked' about as and when. If I do something and think you would appreciated me sharing it with you, then it will be written about that day. I love Wednesday baking, but I will share my baking as I go along. The same with my cooking and recipes. If you see something on my meal plan that you like the  look of, please leave a comment and I will share the recipe. I will also continue to share my thrifty purchases (loads of photos to come). Not much sewing going on lately, but there will be soon!

So, apologies, but I need to write my blog according to my lifestyle...

I hope you will enjoy reading in the future :)

Any recipe requests for this week? Dinner or pudding, it's all homemade.

One last thing...I had the absolute pleasure of meeting one of my readers a short while ago. She was lovely and really made my day! It's a small world.

Thanks for waiting for my return,

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy your chocolate crunch pudding looks so delicious, I would really like the recipe as my family love anything chocolatey x

    1. Hi and welcome to my blog!
      I've had a nosey at your blog and will be reading from the start...I love the highlands!

      Recipe will be up today,

      Mandy x

  2. Don't push yourself to blog every day, Mandy, it sounds fine what you are planning to do.

    1. Thanks Mary Jo, I agree and I'm being realistic too xx

  3. Hi Mandy.....could I have the recipe for the chilled lemon flan please? Lemony puddings are my favourite. And I'm curious, what is Montelimar pudding? Oh, and recipe for bacon cakes please.

    I'm sure if you feel you HAVE to blog every day, then it would become a chore and you wouldn't enjoy it. I love reading your blog, but wouldn't want you to feel pressured to write comes first Mandy so just do what feels right for you.

    1. Hi Sooze,
      I agree so I'm being realistic and blogging as and when I have something useful or interesting to share.

      I have noted your requests and will be posting the pudding recipes today. I will do the bacon cakes when I have made them to photograph!

      Mandy xx

  4. ohh , that chocolate flan looks lovely , I think it takes a lot more thrifty thinking to create meals including meat , I do the same i dont think anybody especially men should have to give up eating less meat to be frugal for whatever reason , minced beef does some great meals that work out really frugal , we have meat 5 nights and our meat free meals consist of , egg chips and beans , then pizza , , If you are a vegetarian thats different , i, like sooze said , blogging every day becomes boring and you put of other more pleasurable things to do , Eileen xxx

    1. Thanks Eileen,
      My husband would eat mince several times a week! We tried to eat less meat by having lots of meat free days but it didn't work for us as a family. Now we eat meat more often, just in smaller quantities and that works better xx

  5. Think we all like the look of your chocolate crunch pudding. Lovely to hear from your blog again. Yes you must write what you want to and when you want to. No doubt Daisy had a super 2nd birthday. Grandchildren are such a joy. Best wishes

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Daisy had a fantastic birthday thank you...we celebrated for three days! She is an absolute joy, hard to believe she's two already. She keeps me busy and we have lots of fun together xx

  6. hello mandy,
    your chocolate pudding looks lovely.your meal plan sound good!!
    thanks for sharing!
    i hope you feeling better.
    best wishes,

    1. Thank you Regina, I'm feeling much better now xx