Sunday, 14 September 2014

Shopping Saturday...

Hi everyone,

I've been carbooting again yesterday! 

Sorry if these photos are getting boring, but I've started squirreling bits away for Christmas now. This is what I picked up...

Two Asos jumpers...I'm so short of clothes and I rarely find my size at the carboot. One was a treat from Charlotte :)

I love the colour of the scarf (50p) and the DVD is an old '80s favourite of mine. The card was only 10p and the Christmas DVD was a waste of money sadly...

When we buy DVDs, we always check that the DVD is actually in the case. This has two discs...both of them are disc 2!! So the film isn't actually in there :(

...a lesson learnt.

The two pink sheets will be made into cotbed sheets for Daisy's bed, they were 50p each and I wish I'd bought more. The seller also had the candy stripe ones, all in really good condition. 
The daisy card will be framed for Daisy's bedroom (10p).
The peppa pig stickers and sticker book were 10p each. 
The tweenies puzzle was 20p.

Here are two footless babygros (£1), a raincoat, denim and poppy shorts to be worn with tights for autumn (£1), skirt (20p), leggings and pumpkin patch top (50p) and a pair of peppa pig sunglasses (free...just because Daisy is so cute and the lady wanted them to go to a good home!)

Sorry...the light coming in through the patio doors has made this photo a bit blurry. I will list what's here for Daisy...

Dressing up dress  20p
3 x peppa pig DVD boxset  £2.50
In the night garden watering can. 20p
Macca pacca. 20p
Waybuloo toy  50p
Cuddly rabbit. 50p
Iggle piggle. 20p
Upsy Daisy. 50p
Charlie and Lola hot water bottle. 20p
Nemo book. 10p
Peppa pig socks (new) £1
Spotty shoes  50p 

Finally, some mega blocks. 

Everything will be washed now and either used, or put away for Christmas. I already know what I need to buy, but these little cheapy extras I pick up as stocking fillers. We all have stockings in my house...such a lovely cheap way to exchange gifts. They can be second hand like from the boot sale, handmade, or from the pound shop etc, nothing costs much, just a few presents to put a smile on someone's face! I especially love to have a theme to the stockings (eg: a baking one) and I will be sharing these ideas with you when my Christmas preparations are fully underway.

In other shopping news...

I am now having my shopping delivered on a Saturday. This means we can have a Sunday roasting joint ready and fresh to use the following day. It also helps us to have Sunday as a family day, doing what we want and not having to be at home waiting for the delivery.

I promise no shopping photos tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. You have do e fabulous goodies there Mandy, you obviously have a good eye for a bargain. Well done on making a start for Christmas too, I need to get a wiggle on and start looking for little gifts.

    Thank you so much for your lovely helpful comments regarding my new specs and eye tests, I am hoping everything is now fully sorted. I dont know if you read my post but they had given me the wrong varifocal and there was no chance of them ever being right for me. Thank you for your concern. Karen xxx

    1. No problem Karen, glad you got it sorted! Xx

  2. That was a good haul! It's so useful when they're little and you can shop them from the car boot, charity or hand me downs, and squirrelling away for Christmas is the only sensible thing to do!

    1. I used to leave Christmas shopping way too late! Not anymore xx

  3. Well done on that little lot! We haven't been carbooting for ages, husband works nights (including Saturdays) so he's always in bed weekend mornings, sadly. When you've got a minute, can you post the recipe for those bacon potato cakes please Mandy?