Friday, 12 September 2014

Recent Carboot bargains...

Hi everyone

I love Saturday morning carbooting (buying not selling!)

Just lately we haven't been going as much, because I have not been comfortable sitting in the car (with my poorly back), plus the rain had made it pointless going! The last couple of Saturdays we have been really lucky in finding bargains though...

This wooden shop has provided us with hours of good quality play. It cost me £7.50, but came with lots of extras and has been worth every penny...these are not cheap bought brand new.

A bunch of books, puzzle and a DVD...Daisy loves anything jungle or farm animals.

I've even started to collect a few bits for Christmas! The highland cow was free from the lady I bought the shop from.

I love picking up books for 10 or 20p. I will spend 50p per book usually. I always look out for books set in the 1940s and '50s. I was definitely born in the wrong era! 

I've been looking out for Witney blankets for ages now and finally found one! It cost me £1 and is in excellent condition. If fits a double bed, so will be very welcome on our bed during the colder months. 

On another trip I picked up...

Peppa pig magnets for 20p, carefully placed on the fridge freezer by Daisy.

Still on the peppa pig theme...a little carry box/tray for Daisy's gardening tools and a little cup. A second pair of wellies for the mucky weather. We walk the dogs a lot and it can get quite messy! These have drawstring tops to keep the wet and mud, or snow out. A gift from auntie Charlotte xx

Daisy loves anything Peter rabbit and my books were 20p each!

Another 20p book and some cuddlies for Daisy... Tv characters for a fraction of the price bought new. 

Two Christmas dresses and a jumper for Daisy. Children's Christmas clothes are not worn for long and they've grown out of them the following year, so I was pleased to find these. 

Clothes to grow into except the raincoat that fits Daisy now...a bargain at 50p!

Finally, a top and cardy for me. I rarely find my size when carbooting.

I spend very little money to get things that I wouldn't buy brand new. 

Does anyone else go carbooting on a regular basis? 

What bargains have you picked up? Charlotte found an armchair (very modern and in excellent condition) for £5!! It only just fit in her car but well worth the struggle.

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. When my son was small (he's now 17) most of his christmas presents came from the carboot, some great finds there.

    1. Teenagers are so hard to buy for! There's alwYs so much choice for younger children at Carboot sales...I suppose it's because children either get bored or grow out of their toys. My son is 24 and is very difficult to buy for xx

  2. Very good buys, Mandy.
    No buys here, low spend/no spend September!

    1. Hi Mary Jo, no low spend for me this month...two birthdays and beginning my Christmas shopping! Xx

  3. Some great bargains there. Why pay full price for toys that are soon grown out of. I buy a lot of books at car boot sales and then pass them on to the charity shop. I really need to get selling stuff at a car boot sale but this year if it hasn't been for the weather it's been something else going on at home. I don't mind buying at a winter car boot but I'm not so keen on being a seller-brrrr!

    1. Charlotte and I have sold on November before. We wrapped up in layers and took a flask of hot chocolate. It's hard to deal with loose change when you've got gloves on though! Xx

  4. You have some great bargains there, well done. I haven't been to a boot sale for ages as DH works every weekend and I don't fancy going alone. You have saved a mint!