Friday, 5 December 2014

Advent 5

Hi everyone 

Today's advent activity was...

Make Christmas cards for your family.

We used a Christmas card kit that I bought from the Carboot sale for 50p (I think) and this kept Daisy entertained for well over an hour. 

We didn't use all the bits, so we have leftovers to use in other Christmas crafts. Daisy designed them all herself and chose who was getting which card before she started to make each one. She will do her writing in them tomorrow as we were giving the large amounts of glue stick chance to dry! 

This cost me very little and Daisy got so much out of it. She loved the independence she had and loved making choices unguided by me. They are all very different and I really think this captured Daisy's creative side. I will definitely provide her with more opportunities to do this type of activity again in the future...thank you cards after Christmas??

The planning that I put into these advent activities has really paid off. Having a focus and knowing what we are doing each day has benefitted us both (I know what I'm doing and Daisy is now looking forward to the next envelope opening.) Tomorrow's a good one (but Daisy doesn't know it yet!)

Thank you for your lovely comments,

Mandy xx

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