Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tomorrow's a roll over...

Hi everyone

Well yesterday's post didn't publish last night as I thought it had, so that didn't go up until this morning. Today's challenge was a bit of bad planning because being Sunday, everyone was about and we had some secret gift making to do! I decided to roll that activity over to tomorrow when the family are back at work and we can craft without hiding away! So tomorrow will see two lots of advent activities to catch up and instead I made today a family day.

We had breakfast together then Daisy had a long play in the bath (evening baths always feel so rushed as we keep to our routine to get everything done) then she helped me with the housework (she loves using her little Hoover).
Daisy loves helping me get the dinner ready and requested jelly for tea (so we made that too), then ate our roast and off for a Sunday afternoon walk with the dogs. 
Tea, strictly then it was Daisy's bedtime. 

Early to bed because we've got a lot to pack into tomorrow. 

Hope you've had a great Sunday,

Mandy x

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