Sunday, 7 December 2014

Advent 6

Hi everyone

Today's advent activity was...

Make gingerbread.

I will give you the recipe if anyone requests it but I think I may have already put it on my blog before???

Gingerbread is so easy to make, but not so easy to bake!

You really have to keep an eye on it! I turned my back and this is what happened :(

The rest was fine, but I'm still getting used to baking in my oven.

Daisy loves baking and that's the objective...for her to enjoy Christmas activities. Daisy had fun! 

I then went on to make tiffin...

This is so good and you don't need much! A little extravagant with cadburys chocolate on top, but I rarely make it, so it was a little weekend treat. Obviously I made a dairy free version too. Recipe on request! 

Back tomorrow 

Mandy x

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  1. I'd like the recipes for both please Mandy. Sounds like Daisy's having a whale of a time!