Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Advent 3

Hi everyone

Today Daisy is wearing her first ever Christmas jumper (50p from the Carboot) and looking very festive. 

We have had loads of fun this morning with today's activity...

Make glittery Playdough 

The recipe is really quick and easy

1 cup plain flour
1/4 cup salt
1tbsp cream of tartar
1tbsp veg oil
3/4 cup boiling water
Few drops glycerine
Few drops green food colouring
Several shakes and sprinkles of assorted coloured glitter

You basically mix these ingredients together (obviously I did the water bit and we had to leave it to stand for a while until we could handle the dough) and form a dough. If it's too sticky...add a little more flour, too dry...a tiny bit more water. A gentle knead and you're ready to play!

We used various Christmas cutters and lolly sticks. Daisy made stars.

Sorry I can't show any other photos I took because Daisy is in them.

Playdough is so easy to make...we won't be buying another pot of it now!! 

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? :)

Mandy xx



  1. I have made a note of the recipe and will try it out with the grandkids when they come to stay :-)

  2. You are doing a brilliant job in giving daisy the experience of Christmas without spending much money an i bet she remembers her Christmases more than any child who is just bought yet another toy without any thought xxx

    1. Thank you...she's definitely enjoying December so far! Xx