Saturday, 9 July 2016

Carboot sale goodies!

Hi everyone,

This morning we headed off to Finmere carboot sale. There wasn't much there today sadly and too much market stall type stuff. I'm only interested in second hand bargains, particularly vintage bits and bobs. I can normally pick up clothes for the children but there was nothing today. Although a little disappointing, it was worth the journey :)

This lovely robin kit was only £1 and I will really enjoy stitching it.
I'm a big fan of Delia Smith and always have been. I've been looking out for one of her cake books for ages, so was pleased to find this for 50p, along with another for 50p.
If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I mainly read books set in the 1940s. This book by Joan Jonker was 25p. I'm happy with that!

I paid £1.75 for these lovely books for Daisy. 

Finally, this 'tap' game was 10p. Daisy's been busy making shape pictures with Grampy this afternoon. She felt very grown up using the little hammer. 
The only thing I saw for Henry was this sweet little pram blanket. It looks blue in the photo but it's pastel green and lemon. It's a lovely pattern and quite light, so just right for walking to nursery in the morning when it can still be a little chilly first thing. It was only 20p.

The last thing is the windmill that Daisy spotted. I treated her for being such a good girl :) it was £1

After the bootsale we went to an antiques centre...I love it there! Sadly I didn't see anything there today (that I could afford anyway!) it's such a great place to mooch around. 

I did a ploughmans style lunch with fresh bread :)

Saturday is treat night! We were treated to fish and chips by Grampy (not Henry...don't worry!) and Daisy is allowed sweeties. 

It's been a lovely day.

Tomorrow I have to start to tackle the huge mountains of ironing from our holiday and beyond. I normally watch tele that I've recorded while I iron. I have been watching The Royal, but now I'm into Heartbeat. It's on everyday so I've got a few recorded now. I love the old fashioned programmes and I love Yorkshire! It makes the boring chore of ironing much easier. 

A busy day ahead...

Mandy x


  1. I have those two Delia books, they are great! Like you, I enjoy watching the Royal when I am doing the ironing! Weekend blessings x

  2. Delia has always been my favourite too , I am a messy cook and my old book was covered in cake mix etc but i was really happy to find a bargain like you but at a jumble sale for 20p , Its the complete cookery course like you have in the picture , My favourite recopies are her old fashioned bread pudding and scone based pizza