Monday, 4 July 2016

So much laundry!

Hi everyone,

One thing I love about going away on holiday is the lack of housework! While we stayed in the caravan I did a little hand washing. Henry's bibs would of gone mouldy if packed away grubby so they were washed every day. 

We took enough clothes so that I had a week off washing and ironing, but it all has to be done at some point and luckily the weather was beautiful here yesterday so I ploughed through it. I only have a little left to do to catch up so I'm pleased with that. I hate having the washing drying in the house so took advantage of the sunshine while we had it. The trouble is that there's a huge pile of ironing to tackle now!

Before we went on holiday I used up all the fresh food in the house (taking a few things like butter and cheeses with us) so when we got back the fridge was bare. Yesterday hubby took Daisy shopping for a few essentials. They also bought me some beautiful flowers (picked out by Daisy) which was a lovely surprise. I know it's extravagant but I love to have fresh flowers in the house. I will do an online shop as soon as I get chance, but first I need to write a meal plan and a proper list with only what we need. No more browsing apart from special offers on meat. There's to be no more snacking either! I will plan a pudding each day instead. Lots of fresh food, quality over quantity and put a stop to my food hoarding. I've had a good think on holiday and changes are being made.

First of all I need to make space in the chest freezer for batch baking. When time is short I'd love to be able to get out cakes already made and just ice and decorate them or even just get out a fruit cake or a few rock cakes. I want to reduce the processed and convenient food to as little as possible. I'd love everything to be home baked but I definitely need to practice my bread making skills! It's time to put my ideas into action. I know we will save a fortune but I've always been short of time before. I've never been very good at managing my time but I am willing to try harder now. 

Yesterday while they were shopping, I dug about in the freezer and found a steak pie for lunch (no roast yesterday) which I served with mash and frozen veg and gravy. For pudding we had chocolate sponge and ice cream, again from the freezer. I've made a little space already and made a meal. Tonight we've got cottage pie for tea which I'll make while Daisy's at nursery. Pudding will be fruit and custard for the children and we will have fruit and angel delight. 

While I had the oven on for the pie and chocolate sponge yesterday, I decided to make some fairy cakes for tea. A tray of plain cakes and a tray of chocolate. Daisy helped me to decorate them...

They had fresh crusty bread and butter and cheese for tea and cake (no icing for Henry) and a carpet picnic! 

I've got a busy day ahead, I hope the sun is shining where you are :)

Mandy X 

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  1. well done on finishing the washing. It is cold and wet here so there is always washing on clothes airers, roll on summer.
    My oldest DD often has picnics for her children, at the moment they are having breakfast in the lounge, while playing with their new kitchen. Last night DD made a play kitchen from an old box, painted power points on it, hot plates etc. Even included the old kettle which started off the idea for the kitchen, and made a hole in the side of the box for the plug.