Monday, 11 July 2016

You pay for what you get!

Hi everyone and thank you for all the comments you've been leaving me :)

Trish...feel free to email me anytime if you fancy a chat. 

Jane...have a great holiday, sounds like you've planned well for it.

Angela...hello! I'm really looking forward to cooking and baking from my new Delia books.

Myshabbychicvintagefrugallife...I too am a messy cook and baker! I use every pot, pan and utensil available. I'm looking forward to making some delicious things :)

So, as the title pay for what you get. I believe this is true and my hubby has a saying...'buy cheap, buy twice!'

After our holiday we got a few fresh bits of shopping from our local waitrose. Yes it's dearer but it was convenient. We loved the quality so much that this week I shopped online with them. I decided to focus on quality over quantity (as you know I'm a food hoarder) and shopped accordingly...

A few of the fresh things I got. Their cakes are delicious and I treated myself!

It was good!!

I probably won't shop there every week, but the service was so good too. As I change my shopping habits to buying more fresh food, this is an option. I buy way too much of what I don't need so that has to change. It's a bit of an experiment I suppose. We'll see how we go. 

There are cheaper shops with good quality products I'm sure, but online food shopping is convenient for us and makes life easier so I am a little limited. 

I love a challenge!

See you soon,

Mandy x


  1. I have found the flash sales an excellent source of good quality meat.

  2. Hi Mandy
    yep we are all ready, just need to iron some things and pack but i break up from school this Friday then i will have a week to get stuff done (we go 2 weeks today).
    We have been doing really well with the use it up month. Hubby has been taking stuff for his sarnies for work from the cupboards rather than me buying fresh cooked meats etc, hes been having lurking jars of assorted meat pastes, tinned ham, tuna, egg mayo and cheese. We must have saved a fair bit by doing this. His workmate is also going on holiday soon too and has also decided not to buy food from the machines/canteen or get a takeaway on nightshift and was saying hes also saved quite a few £ by doing this.
    I once did an Ocado online shop as there was a £20 off your first shop offer. I only got 5 carrier bags full for about £75 but the produce was excellent and there was stuff i cant buy at other supermarkets. We havent done one since but of ever i had spare money i would consider it. There isnt a Waitrose near me except when we take Daniel for his lymphoedema appointments to Otley but its a good 40 minute drive away unfortunately.
    Looking forward to any more money saving ideas you have to keep the spending low, at this rate we may even be able to afford a holiday next year :-)
    take care jane xxxx