Monday, 9 January 2012

Batch cooking and pastry making


Yesterday I cooked a beef casserole in my slow cooker (instead of a roast), making enough for two meals. Yesterday we had it with dumplings and today I made it into a pie. I'm trying to save on our electric bill (already cut down on gas) as it is always massive.

I didn't make any New Year resolutions because I always fail by the end of January, but I have decided to try to get better at some things and to try out new things. Pastry is something that I am not particularly good at, but I think it is improving already! I also intend to practice making bread and biscuits. I am a cake baker, but struggle with biscuits and pastry. I use my breadmaker, but I want to make it by hand now that I have the time.

The new things I want to try is sewing and crochet. Today I began my sausage dog draught excluders. I will post a photo when they're finished.

I got two loads of washing dry on the line today, can't believe how mild it still is.

Tomorrow I'm going to sort out all of my craft stuff so I know what fabric etc I've got to play with.

Mandy x

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