Saturday, 7 January 2012

Freebies at the dentists!!!


This morning we went to the dentist. This is a big deal to me because it really scares me. I worry about for ages before I go and this was only a check up! Thankfully I have no further problems, but I still have treatment hanging over me. I need to have a root canal treatment and then a crown on one tooth, but as it will cost me over £1000 and I don't work at the moment, it may have to wait a while. I have the money saved for the root canal (£520), vut not the crown yet. My teeth cause me a lot of problems. I have extra nerves in my bottom jaw which means I am never completely numbed for a procedure. The dentist has reassured me today that she will use different methods to make sure I am numb so I don't need to worry.

Another problem is that I have very thin enamel and this is because I suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) with Alice throughout my pregnancy. The acid eroded my enamel and this means I am prone to fillings.

My wisdom teeth are impacted and some not even through yet, but causing me trouble. I have to have the top wisdom teeth out at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford because they have cavities because I can't get to them to clean them properly. The dentist can't get to them to fill them so they have to go. This will be done under local anaesthetic so I am petrified to face this. The surgeon said that my nerve runs so close to my bottom wisdom tooth that he will not remove it. If he touches that nerve, he will paralyse my face, so he won't take the risk. 

Another problem is that I suffer from bruxism (tooth grinding/clenching) which led to TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). This can be really painful. I have to wear a mouth guard at night to protect my teeth and relax the muscles in my jaw. This has been caused by my stressful life and traumatic experiences.

My teeth have caused me a lot of anxiety over the past few years and cost me a huge amount of money, but I need to preserve them cos I won't get any more! So I was really pleased to get a couple of freebies today... toothpaste samples!!! There were two boxes of different samples and Alice picked up one of each. We discovered later that Charlotte had also picked some up too. They are travel size, but they were free! They will do for the kid's bathroom because I have to have special toothpaste because of my thin enamel.

I have been a bit happier today because Alice was with me, but now she has gone back to her boyfriend's house. Tomorrow is another day.

Much to the horror of my family, we had ham salad and new potatoes for tea. They were annoyed because it's winter. I was bored of meat, spuds, veg and gravy dinners and fancied a change. When I'm down, I really lack motivation to do anything and that was what I was like yesterday.

After the dentist, we had a look round a couple of charity shops. Why are they so expensive now??? Every jumper I picked up was at least £7.99. I can buy them for less in Asda. I didn't buy anything.

Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday

Mandy x

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