Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sorting the house one step at a time.

Today I have cleared a huge ironing pile. I have always left this chore until there is a mountain and then stood for hours ironing (which is no good for my back). From now on, I will do the ironing as the clothes are dried. One small change to make life easier for me so my house runs more smoothly. I have time now each day, so no excuses!!!

I have got a line of washing dry outside again today. I did need extra pegs though. I have managed to keep my washing up-to-date for quite a few weeks now, so my small changes must be working. I just need to remove bad habits and replace them with organisation.

I have meal planned this afternoon, ready to do an online shop tomorrow - another much needed change in lifestyle. Today I ate the leftover potato bake and jelly with cream for my lunch. I am getting much better at using leftovers, rather than throwing food away. I can't afford to waste a penny!

For tea today, Steve had roast mutton, roasties and veg. Ashley had the roasties and veg, but with sausages and Charlotte and I had sausage, mash and beans. I will have the mash and remaining beans for my lunch tomorrow (I can't seem to cook for four instead of five).

Charlotte very kindly dyed my hair for me this evening. I seem to have many more grey hairs in the past year and they come through much quicker than before. I can't afford for my hairdresser to dye my hair, so Charlotte puts a box dye on for me instead.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope to achieve lots in the house.

Until tomorrow ...

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I really am a beginner at sewing but i have spent the last year teaching myself and having a go. After all we all have to start somewhere ;-)) The best advice is to take your time and just have a go you can always unpick anything you need to and believe me i am the queen at that but you learn by it. Have a go you will love it and it will become addictive. Fabric hasn't got to cost anything i go around the chairty shops and buy curtains, pillow covers etc for my projects its much cheaper or buy the little fat quarters. Have fun, dee x

  2. Thanks Dee,

    I have been collecting fabric for some time now, I save everything! I have bought some of the fat quarters, but it is really lovely fabric and some Cath Kidston too, so I need to practice before I use those. I made some little lavender bags for my friends at Christmas and they turned out well. I was proud of those, so I know what you mean. I think I need to build up confidence though. I have loads of books about sewing and quilting and crochet, but so far I have only looked at the pictures! Patchworking and quilt making is a dream but I will get there eventually.

    I will take your advice on charity shops for fabric, thank you.

    Mandy x