Saturday, 8 March 2014

The great big 4

Hi everyone

Not much decluttering today:
29). Baby tights - Daisy has grown out of these. I will sell them at the Carboot sale.

30). Baby tights - same as above.

We have been in the garden for most of the day. Daisy has absolutely loved it! Our lovely next door neighbour gave Daisy a zebra scoot along and a smartbike. It's one of those that has a long steering handle and a sun canopy...a tricycle that you can push and steer. We were planning to buy one of these we have one for free! She wouldn't accept any money for them, so we will buy her and her boys a gift to say thank you. 

Daisy loved cleaning them with her little bucket and sponge. Then she splashed in the soapy puddle she made (wellies on). 

Next door have got lots of rabbits and Daisy watched them over the fence. So many new things to discover...

We had pork chops for tea (done as a roast) and treacle tart for pudding. Tomorrow we'll have roast beef and all the trimmings. I now have somewhere to put all my veg door's rabbits! Our chickens love cooked veg but not raw. Their favourite is lettuce but they don't like cabbage. The rabbits had broccoli, sprouts and carrot peelings today. Tomorrow they'll be more.
My lovely OH has dug over the veg patches ready for planting and he collected plenty of worms the wormery the they are making next door. It's funny how the simplest gestures can make someone happy. I also think that sunshine makes us feel happier and more motivated.

Hopefully the weather stays lovely for a while! 

Mandy x


  1. It is so good when you have a positive relationship with your neighbours. Mine are lovely, both older singles and when I bake I share with them. I get books from Marina and help in the garden from Neville in return.

  2. It sounds like you have good neighbours, I do too, he prunes my roses for me & wont let me touch them! have a good week.

  3. I agree that the sunshine makes us all feel much more motivated. sounds like you have had a lovely day x