Monday, 3 March 2014

Losing followers

Sad but true...

Not sure the thrifty blog is my thing anymore. I tried...

Planning my new blog but possibly many of you won't be interested. It will be showing all the things I have made...sewing, crafting, cooking and baking. I will also be sharing what makes me happy, all things pretty, different areas or objects in my home. 

I no longer want to focus on my thriftiness (there are far better blogs out there than mine) and obviously my personal life is not good so I intend to talk about the positive bits only.

I know my regular readers will understand why and you are all so lovely and supportive. I hope you will follow me on my new journey...creating positivity around me and my family.

The new blog will hopefully inspire me to continue with my writing, even though it will be a change in direction.

I'm almost decided on its name and I'll let you know on here when it's up and running. 

I'm not removing this blog at the moment, just starting a new one and concentrating on that. Please continue to comment here as I do read them and I am grateful for your kind words. I'm not looking for's just that I've been having doubts for a while and losing followers has made me realise that I lack in consistency and I would probably feel the same about reading a blog. I haven't looked to see how many viewed my last post, but inevitably it will happen that my numbers continue to decrease if I don't write regular posts. No doom and's my fault and before frugal queen gave me a mention, there were only a few of us... Thank you Loo!!!

Onwards and upwards...

I'd better get baking, making and designing so I can start again!

Lots of love

Mandy xxx


  1. Hi Mandy,
    Im sorry you feel that you're blog isn't up to what you wanted it to be but I for one enjoy reading whenever you post something.
    I check every day for new posts and do enjoy reading what you've been up to.
    I can understand you're feeling a little low at present with everything that's happened but you have many friends here who can understand and sympathise with what you are going through.
    No ones family is perfect, ours is a typical example of that :-)
    We will still be here following you're new blog and cant wait for your new ideas and inspirations, take as much time as you need. take care jane xx

  2. Honey, you have more followers than I do.

    When I first started I noticed my followers had doubled (to two!!) and jokingly mentioned a 'giveaway'. Next day I was back down to one (and I know who left lol). Despite the hilarious and ironic blog of lovely and popular Mise at 'Pretty Far West' some people don't get irony.

    No matter, write for you and forget the rest. Write the pretty stuff to remind yourself that there was some good stuff when the sh*t was hitting the fan. Write for your little grand-daughter so that she will know that you loved her. I have a cousin-in-law with a fairly similar situation.

    I haven't written for ages (bereavement etc) and sometimes only get 4 reads a day. I don't mind, and will pop up soon when I can find the words.

    Love to you and family and I will find you at the new blog when it is unveiled.
    Susan x

  3. Hi Mandy, well I'm glad you haven;t decided to give up altogether. I'm liking the sound of the new blog and yes, it's good to be positive - difficult sometimes, I know only too well - but it's a good thing. Gosh, I haven't posted anything in an age. No excuses apart from laziness! Xx

  4. Mandy,

    Don't worry about followers, I just write my blog when I want and with what I want to put. I kind of use is as a bit of a diary. Of course it's nice when people take the time to comment and see how many followers you have. I wouldn't do a new blog I would just keep doing your thing on this one. Mines called Frugal in the title but I write whatever I like. Bit of cooking, bit of slimming world, a bit of dog walking and visiting national trust places and the occasional moan about people. I think you have some really nice pictures and the blog is well laid out.

  5. I am not a blogger but I am a reader...and I am inspired by reading your matter what you write!! :)

  6. Thanks tp Frugal in Bucks I have found you. I write what I do in my blog, it is my diary after all. I always welcome new followers( eventually) but if someone leaves then they leave. I have stopped following a few, mainly because I found another one that was more suited to me, sometimes because they wrote the same old, same old stuff. I have started to follow crochet led blogs because I am learning how to. I am learning to live for myself since I retired and am loving the journey. Be yourself, it doesn't matter what your blog title is, write about what you want to. Pam x

  7. My aol delivers your blogs and whenever one arrives I always read it. Yes forget the thrifty homemade challenge if that suits you and write and photo the things you make and/or enjoy. Perhaps that will help shine out to you the positive joys in your life. A work in progress for me
    Best wishes x

  8. I've just found your blog from FiB blog.

    Keep going! Your blog is just the kind that I like to read!


  9. Glad to heat that you're not leaving blogland. I will be back to view your creations soon x