Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The great big 6

Hi everyone,

Been busy tidying and cleaning while decluttering. We're also spending a lot of time outside playing!

The chickens have started laying again!! So happy because this means more baking. We get through a lot of eggs...they are an excellent source of protein for Daisy as she's lactose intolerant and doesn't eat dairy foods. She does have special lactose free cream cheese, hard cheese, soya milk and butter, but eggs are a good extra and she loves them. 

Daisy is going through a growth spurt at the moment, so more of her things are heading for the Carboot pile. 

48). Bunny leggings-Carboot.

49). Navy leggings-Carboot.

50). Denim shorts -Carboot

51). Fleece sleep suit-Carboot.

52). Fleece sleep suit -Carboot.

53). Fleece hoody-Carboot. 

54). Underwear-bin.

55). Underwear- bin.

56). Slipper socks- bin.

57). Alice in wonderland DVD- it's the modern version and way too scary for Daisy to be watching for a long time! We didn't like it when we bought it anyway so it's going to the Carboot.

Hopefully back with more exciting photos soon.

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. Well done with your decluttering. Posting up on your blog is a great way to keep motivated.

    1. Hi Caroline
      Yes it has been great motivation but I feel it's not a very exciting read! I must make time to bake so I can throw in a few nice photos and recipes xx

  2. Hi Mandy,
    You are doing great with your decluttering and you have inspired me to get going with mine. There is nothing like eggs from your own hens, not that I have any but a friend does and there is no way I can buy eggs as good as her ones. She also has a few of the little silkies with heads like pom poms they are so funny to watch and the kids adore them.:) Lors x

    1. Good to hear from you lors.
      Glad I'm inspiring you, I still have a long way to go until I'm happy though.

      When we've got a bigger garden, we hope to get some different breeds of chicken. Silkies are funny looking. I'd like some bantams too. Keep up with the decluttering! Xx

  3. Well done with the de cluttering, I've got a bag stashed in my cupboard I am adding items to. When it's full it will be off to the charity shop, no car boots here unfortunately

    1. Hi Shirley
      I too have a charity bag that I add to. The air ambulance charity take most things and these bags are put through the door to be filled and left out for collection. It's one charity that I will always support. Myself and my daughter love shopping in charity shops too...more clutter???!! Xx