Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Pancakes made and enjoyed (lactose free for Daisy)...

Hope you've enjoyed your pancakes today too. Daisy had dairy free vanilla ice cream on one, then tried a little bit with jam, then lemon and sugar. She loved them and made her own batter (little bit of help from me). I took some lovely photos for her memory book.

We just stuck to the traditional lemon and sugar or golden syrup.

Mandy x


  1. I had pancakes stuffed with chilli, I like them with lemon and sugar but have never had them with golden syrup. I do make the American fluffy pancakes and have them with Maple Syrup.

  2. Mmm, just sugar and lemon for me. None here as just got home, does tomorrow count?
    A memory book sounds lovely. X

  3. Any of them sound delish. I have never heard of "pancake" day until blog reading today - who said blog reading isn't educational?

    Ps - Don't feel bad about losing followers/lack of comments etc. I understand exactly where you are coming from - I have not posted in my blog since last year and am sure that my flock of followers are long gone...anyone that really cared about what I wrote will still be there when I do decide to go back.

  4. We didn't have pancakes because I had to go to parents evening. Then I have another parents evening tonight. I'd said I'd make them for breakfast on Saturday to keep the children happy!


  5. I Forgot !!!!!!!! Cant believe I forgot it was pancake day. I love them with lemon and sugar or golden syrup.
    No one else really likes them only me so maybe when I get home from work tomorrow I can have them as hubby has got liver and onions with mash for tomorrows tea so I would have to make something different for me anyway (don't eat meat).
    The cake looked yummy as well, I wish I could bake. I can make a meal from nothing but my baking skills leave a lot to be desired :-(
    Glad youre feeling a bit more positive about your blog. Keep smiling jane xxx

  6. Hello, I've come over from A good life in Tydd, we had american style pancakes yesterday. Those nice thick fluffy ones with golden syrup. I'm glad you are feeling a little more positive over your bad experience of late. xx

  7. Can't get it to let me follow by email. Can you help? I really would like to read your blog. Thanks for anything you can do. sandy16502@hot mail.com

  8. I read your blog every day, I know sometimes you do not blog but I always look. Do not get disheartened by poor viewing figures, remember from me that you have never posted a boring blog and I think you are doing a worthwhile job with little Daisy. Keep up the good work. xx

  9. Hi Mandy, what a lovely smiley face you have :) I'm popping over from Pam's blog. I'm now following and also by email. I like to do that so I don't miss anything. Not everyone has the time to blog each day, I don't sleep well so I squeeze into each day what I can and sometimes it means I don't blog for a couple of weeks.
    I'm looking forward to reading through your posts and any future ones :)

    Peg xx

  10. Hi Mandy, I've also popped over from Pam's blog. Have enjoyed your last few posts and look forward to catching up on past posts as and when time permits. Looking forward to reading your future posts, so keep up the good work :)