Thursday, 6 March 2014

The great big declutter... Day 2

Hi everyone,

Just been through my make-up. I had a little try of everything to decide what isn't me now. 

I wear make-up every single day, even if I'm not going out. I always have. I don't wear much, but would never go without mascara! 

I've found 5 items to add to my declutter challenge. 

13). Hair highlighter - it's new but not the colour I expected when I ordered online. I will sell this.

14). Foundation - this is really old (I don't wear foundation now) and is going in the bin.

15). Lipstick - not my shade. I'll ask Charlotte if she wants it first...if not on the bin.

16). Another lipstick - same as above.

17). Blue eye pencil - Daisy wound it the other day and the actual make-up bit fell out. It's going in the bin, it's now empty!

That's it so far today...I may find other things on my travels around the house later. 

Thanks for reading!

Mandy xx


  1. Oh my, I have a drawer of make up that I never wear, well maybe twice a year! It's so old that it is probably unhygienic. To throw it out would mean expense of buying new and that is not on the agenda at the moment. Maybe I have some points on my boots reward card I could use for mascara. I can honestly say I have never found a lip colour that suits me.
    If a make up item is in date and mostly unused (and looks new) then it can go to the charity shop, I have often seen make up there.
    Hmm what would I put in the drawer if it was make up free?? More yarn........!
    Susan x

    1. Hi Susan
      I'm the same with lipstick, I certainly couldn't wear red!
      I have a 1977 jubilee mug with my eye pencils and mascaras in and a little basket bag for everything else x

  2. I so need to do this. Probably got at least 6 or 7 mascara's on the go. Nothing's in one place despite me actually having one place to keep it all. Task for the weekend definately !

    1. Hi Emma
      I've got four mascaras on the go! I put my make-up on in my bedroom so it's kept on my dressing table. I haven't got a make-up bag to keep it all together x

  3. I binned my make up over 5 years ago and haven't looked back. I do colour my hair, 50 shades of grey doesn't suit me at all. I do try to keep clutter free, this morning I emptied the glory hole under the stairs and had a sort out, About half went back the rest went out..

    1. Hi Pam
      Well done for the declutter!
      This has been a slow process with me. I also colour my hair, at 43 I'm not ready to be grey yet!x

  4. Hello again, due to be locked in the porch for *25 minutes!!!!!!!! I have decluttered the coat cupboard and found five quid in husband's (aka The FW) is now in mine.
    I am shades of grey (52 in June) and it suits me better than my natural or enhanced colour ever did. sigh.
    Have re-made tea and eating comfort choc bics now.
    * I will blog this later.

    1. You made me laugh Susan! Not for being locked in the porch, for what happened to the fiver! Xx

  5. I went through my make up case last year, it surprising what you find in there. Almost heartbreaking chucking nearly full stuff away.

    1. Hi Joanne
      I know, but the foundation I threw away was old and I just don't wear it now. My daughter may want the lipsticks? I'm not very good at throwing things away xx

    2. I used to wear makeup to work,it was required! when I changed my job I had a complete clear out, all the work wear went to the CS and the makeup went in the bin, it felt liberating. I am 62 and refuse to be grey, a soft blonde, a few shades darker than my natural colour was suits me.

  6. I have chucked a few items ...I don't wear lipstick but I do have some eye shadow that I wear daily and mascara that I wear occasionally.
    I'm 57 and used to dye my own hair until a disaster about a year ago...I let the hairdresser do it now once or twice a year!!