Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The great big declutter!!

My decluttering mood is back! I love a fresh new start...

Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will know that I am a hoarder. I am getting better though...I can part with things now. 

I am challenging myself to find 100 things during this month that we don't need or use. This is achievable because Daisy is growing out of clothes and toys. 

Out Carboot sale starts up again at the end of March and we will do some selling in April. I already have a large section of the garage piled high with boxes of stuff to sell, but there are new things that I want to look out for and don't want to overload the house again. This means that decluttering is in order.

I have started with my wardrobe...

This is what I brought down from upstairs...

Obviously a few bits here are Daisy's, but mostly it's from my wardrobe.

1).  Red dress - brand new, bought for Christmas but it isn't me! I will sell this.

2). Onesie - it was a present, but it's way too long for me. I'm only 5' tall! I may cut this up to make a blanket for Daisy as it's fleece fabric.

3). Pink pjs - the elastic has gone and they are old and grotty in places. I will cut up the best bits for sewing projects.

4). Black spot pjs - the same again and these are really faded in places. These will also be cut up for fabric scraps.

5). Heart top - this doesn't fit me very well and I no longer like it. I will sell this.

6). Winter hat - I've got too many! I will sell this.

7). Pink scarf - same again, I don't need it! I will sell this.

8). Navy scarf- I had a new one for Christmas so the old one can go. I will sell this.

9). Black polka dot scarf - I don't wear this bug I think I may use it for a sewing project.

10). Polka dot top (Daisy) - this got stained from food. I bleached it bug it hasn't all come out. This will go into het memory quilt that I'm currently making.

11). Pink dress (Daisy) - this is stained but not really bleachable so it will also go into her memory quilt.

12). Pair of Daisy's tights - she's grown out of them. I'll Carboot for 10p...every penny counts! You can always find something for 10p at Carboot sales.

That's it so far. I think I'll hit my target this time. Tomorrow I'll target another area.

Thank you so much for all your supportive comments. I will reply to each one. Incidentally, I had 806 page views yesterday...

I now have some new followers too! Thank you frugal in bucks!!!

I hope I don't disappoint!

So happy to have blog friends...
So happy you care xxx

Mandy xx


  1. Pls keep going only just found you !

  2. A lovely perky post, I'm 5ft too well + an extra inch. Onsies swamp me too.

  3. Well done on the start to declutter, I have been through the cottage twice in 6 months and will be going through again soon. If I haven't touched it recently then I don't need it. Summer clothes will stay untouched till October and then get an eagle eye over them.

  4. hi I have just found your blog and really enjoy it. good luck with the declutter

  5. Enjoying your blog and the older posts too. Glad i found it! x

  6. You have been busy decluttering....I need to get busy and do some of that myself!!

  7. Hi Mandy, I just came across your blog and I am happy to of found it.