Saturday, 22 March 2014

First Carboot sale of the season...what I bought

Hi everyone,

Today we went to Finmere in Buckinghamshire to our first Carboot sale of the season. It was so cold and windy! We picked up some lovely things for Daisy...

A box of balls! These are to go in the ball pit her mummy bought her for her birthday, they cost £2...they need a good soak in soapy water as they've obviously been played with outside.

A pooh bear flap book, costing 50p...Daisy loves the flap books and this is brand new!

A nursery rhyme book, costing 50p...another new book! Daisy loves singing and we're teaching her new rhymes. There's a few in there that I'd forgotten about!

A set of four puzzles, costing 50p...these were brand new and still sealed. Daisy loves a puzzle and these are a little more challenging for her. 

A quiche/flan dish, costing 50p...this is teeny tiny and just right for making Daisy's quiche in. I make a dairy free version for her and always make too much. This is just right.

A little plastic stool for Daisy, costing £2...this was brand new in the packet. It's now been assembled and she loves it.

A tweenie doll, costing 50p...Daisy loves rag dolls and the's a shame she wasn't selling the others :(

Three pairs of socks (new), costing £1.20...Daisy gets through a lot of socks!

Finally a pooh bear blanket, costing 50p...Daisy loves pooh bear, and although she has got blankets, this is for when she snuggles on the sofa.

So these little purchases don't look good for my declutter challenge, but my decluttering is ongoing and I will continue past my 100 item challenge. 

I will post up my latest declutter photo later.

Thanks for reading xxx


  1. It is always good to snap up a bargain, you can make room when you do the next declutter round.

    1. Hi Pam
      I'm generally finding a few bits each day to clear out, so hopefully I will be ok buying stuff from the Carboot (as long as it's needed!) xx

  2. What bargains! Cold but sunny day, glad the booties are starting again. X

    1. Me too! A lot of the time you can pick up stuff that's as good as new for pennies. Plus we will be selling soon too...clearing that clutter! Xx

  3. Hi Mandy,
    some good bargains there which wont really add to your clutter as they are really essentials, all stuff for Daisy to make her one happy little girl. I do know what you mean though, I am trying to get rid of unused stuff but with our local carboot sale being on every week of the year even through the winter I always seem to come back with something most weeks.
    Next Sunday I wont be going as my daughter and her friend are going as sellers so I will have both grandsons as hubbys at work.
    I'm actually quite pleased as we go to Filey for five days the next day and will need my money for that so didn't want to be tempted by having a mooch round the bootsale the day before. Hopefully they will sell all of our unwanted stuff and make some money towards our holiday.
    I'm going to the bootsale this morning though as we are getting low on wood and there is a seller there every week who sells lengths of assorted brand new wood (dado rails, skirting boards etc) for 50p per length and when sawn up (using the mitre saw I dropped on the other week for the bargain price of £10) it makes very good firewood for a small price, especially as if there are any cracked pieces he will usually throw them in free.
    We usually go about 9am and luckily hubby is at home this weekend so we don't have to drag the grandkids round as they aren't impressed with carboot sales, preferring to stay at home in the warm.
    take care, jane xx

    1. Hi Jane, good to hear from you.

      I'm getting stocked up with clothes for Daisy to grow into at the moment. 12-18 months is still too big so I'm buying this size in Summer stuff for her.
      She is slowly growing out of her current clothes, which means I have a constant stream of bits to sell. I've got boxes waiting in the garage to go off when we are sellers. I hope your daughter did well with her sale...every penny counts.
      Have a lovely holiday xxx