Monday, 15 July 2013

A hot but restful weekend...

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend with the lovely weather we're having here in the UK.

I hate being too hot and I hate being too cold, but it is far easier to get warmer than to cool down. Daisy is coping better than we expected, but not eating much at the moment. Our dogs don't like the heat. Flo is an American Bulldog (she looks a bit more boxer dog than British Bulldog) and only a year old. She is a large dog but inexperienced in coping with the heat. She wants to be outside all the time, but we have to restrict that because she gets hot very quickly. She has short hair, unlike Jake our Patterdale Terrier who is a scruffy dog, but he is coping better than Flo because he knows it makes sense to come inside!

Daisy was very busy on Friday, we had a few breakthroughs... she tried to crawl from sitting up for the first time, she pulled herself up to kneeling in her cot, she had an afternoon sleep for nearly two hours in her cot and she slept from 10pm until 6am!!! She is later than a lot of babies in crawling etc, but all of her gross motor movements have been delayed so far. She was premature by a month and so tiny. The Health Visitor is keeping an eye on things, but we're not worried because she does things in her own time, she didn't roll over until really late either. Normally Daisy will only sleep in her pram during the day, so the cot during the day is a big deal to her. She has a huge cot bed which we bought to last her several years. The trouble is that she went from still being in a moses basket at six months to a huge space and she has never really liked her cot. The longer than usual sleep meant she was happy and relaxed in the early evening and had a proper night-time sleep. We still don't sleep because she has decided to sleep on her tummy with her face against the sheet. This means we are up checking her, to see that her mouth and nose are to the side and not facing into the sheet. Saturday night she was very restless because of the heat, so we put the fan on all night (I dread to think what that cost in electric) and last night she managed 10pm until 4.30am. This is a huge difference and I'm sure her long afternoon naps have changed this. We can actually start using the rather posh baby listener that her Uncle Ashley bought her before she was born now. We are also giving her a little cereal before bed and that seems to help her hunger too. If she wakes before 4am, I either put on her lullaby and she settles or offer her a drink of water, but no milk. Hopefully we are on the road to getting her into her own beautiful bedroom!

With the heat, none of us have had very big appetites, so dinners have been light and simple. Daisy has had so much fun in her paddling pool and I've had chance to catch-up on some chores because Grampy had Saturday off and spent some lovely time with Daisy. She has also started really chattering this weekend and said 'chicken' (well we understood it!) She is absolutely obsessed with our chickens and we go out to watch them several times a day. Last night she was watching Countryfile with Grampy and there were lots of chickens. She was so excited, she didn't know what to do with herself - that's when she said it, three times!

Loo - you're right, the decluttering is hard work but worth it in the end because it makes cleaning the house much easier. At least your stuff is tucked away in the loft etc, mine is stacked in the utility room and I have to look at it all the time.

Lors - thank you for your kind words x

This post has been very Daisy, but she is a huge part of my life and I have chosen to share that with you. She's not a very thrifty baby, we spoil her with nice things, but also save where we can. She does cost us a lot but we think she deserves the more expensive nappies etc. She hasn't got a daddy and very rarely sees her mummy, so we are providing her with the best we can - love and attention. I'm about to do a post on my meal plan... lots of salad!

Mandy x 

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