Thursday, 25 July 2013

My life as a hoarder...

Hi everyone!

It's true, I am a self-confessed hoarder and have been for some years. I believe it stems from my childhood where my things would be thrown away while I was at school if they were viewed as rubbish. I am a very sentimental person and those things were not rubbish to me! I would have liked to of been asked first so I could explain why I needed them.

I grew up in a house that was always spotless, but we were not allowed in a room that had just been cleaned, even our bedrooms after school. Any of our mess was put on our beds and we had to tidy it away or there was no tea! My upbringing was very strict and a lot of the time very unfair. Incidentally, I have no contact with any of them now or ever will (for reasons that I really cannot talk about here) and now I can see that a lot of my own emotional issues began from this controlled environment. Any good memories that I had were destroyed by the actions of a very evil individual. I'm not going to dwell on this because I have moved on now, but this highlights where my urge to hoard began.

My children have numerous memory boxes in the loft and originally I had kept everything! Between us, we narrowed it down and just keep the really sentimental stuff. I left home with my birth certificate and a few childhood toys that I did manage to keep. No photographs of my childhood to look back on - photographs are very important to me. I have taken so many photos for Daisy to have when she's older and we spend a small fortune getting them printed off when we do our shopping. They are neatly organised in baby albums with her age written next to them, so she will be able to enjoy her journey living with us in the future when she's old enough to understand. I also plan to make her a scrapbook soon for her first birthday. This will show her what her first year was like. I write things down like when she got her teeth through and all this will be documented for her when I've found a beautiful 'daisy' book.


Alex - welcome to my blog! Thank you for your best wishes, it's a very slow process but there is progress. Hopefully a carboot sale in a few weeks will get rid of a load more.

Loo - we've been exchanging hoarding/decluttering achievements for some time now! Our front room is home to: a playpen, a pram, a swing, a walker, three baskets containing toys and books, a baby nest and two floor mats for Daisy to play on. You see what I mean!

Jane - for me it's a lifestyle change that's needed and that takes time. My spare food goes on top of the kitchen cupboards which looks really untidy.


So how do I move on from this and make the lifestyle changes needed? With a lot of support and understanding from my family. Time? This is something that I don't have because Daisy requires my attention, although she is sleeping more during the day and will play alone in her playpen for 20 mins at a time now. It's all about being ready to snap into action when the opportunity arises. I have decided to tackle one area of a room at a time and keep going until it's sorted. If I had a week all on my own with no other chores to be done, I reckon I could have this house a lovely home. Nevermind! I'm not feeling sorry for myself or hard done by because I created this mess, but small steps are the way forward and I will let you know how I get on when I blog. I will feel awful if there's nothing to tell... having said that... yesterday there was decluttering paperwork planned that didn't happen :(    What I did do was some ironing while Daisy was asleep and that cleared a space on my utility room work top.

Is anyone else battling with this daily???

I find really good support on here, so thanks for that, you can be my motivation!

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. Sadly, I think a lot of us leave our childhoods behind with dints. I think what you're doing for little Daisy is just amazing! And I don't just mean the album, which in itself is a very thoughtful act. You seem like the kind of person who will always find a way. . . A lot of the answers that we are looking for are already inside us, we just have to listen to ourselves. :o)

  2. Hi Mandy, such an interesting post. I know what you mean about being sentimental about things. But I'm sentimental about stupid things like a mug or a plate - slightly mad I know. My dad used to get rid of things willy nilly like all my Dandy annuals which I still haven't got over to this day! I know, what am I like!

    Anyway, you are amazing. What you are doing for Daisy is brilliant - I wish I could be as organised about the stuff I keep for my daughter - everything I want to keep for her is just shoved in a cupboard and our photos are all over the place *sigh*.

    Re. the decluttering thing, you are doing really well. Don't worry about not being able to do something everyday; it's difficult to find the time when you're looking after a small child. A little when you can and then it's not so overwhelming. You've inspired me, Mandy, to keep at it (I got Jim to move some bags of stuff for the carboot sale off the landing into the loft this morning - but nothing has left the house for ages!!! Grrrrr.....). xx

  3. I too have lots of stuff in the house to get rid off. I need to as I am getting older and must do it while I am able.

  4. Hi Mandy,
    I wish I had the answer I seem to go through little spurts of decluttering but I have stashes everywhere. I seem to be time poor but I know my mind is much clearer when I am organised and have less clutter.
    I set a timer for 15mins and then declutter one spot tellling myself anyone can do anything for 15mins sometimes I keep going.
    I used to follow the flylady an American website worth a look lots of useful tips.
    Daisy will have some wonderful memories to treasure good on you, well done.
    Lors x